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15 Jun 2011

Many things for today

Eating regime
Hum. You don't know this but last Friday I was very, very ill. I had been following a no-carb regime and on the Friday I allowed myself some bread. BIG MISTAKE. I was in so much pain, I thought I was having a heart attack. It turns out that I am either allergic to wheat or it might be gall stones. As a precaution (until I can have tests) I restarted WW today but without wheat. I love filling in my online diet sheet and discovering at the end of the day, I can have cutesy little suppers like this. Balsamic tomatoes with cheese sprinkles on a salt and vinegar snack a jack (5pp)? Hello ?? - I love you. And don't get me started on caramel Snack a jacks. Rice cakes are so divine and are a must for wheat dodgers like me.

I love this paper (the patterned one) so much. I used it in a layout (yesterdays post) and two cards tonight.
I am going to buy more of it because its just divine.

Belles started with a sailing club last week. I cant tell you how distraught I was leaving her on her own on her first session. Purely because of the "falling in the water thing". She isn't a strong swimmer and yes, she would have a buoyancy aid on but if it happens and I'm not there - well, I'd be distraught for HER - cold water, panic and the fact she would lose her glasses would mither her but then, you have to live and learn, don't you? This week she was fine. She went on a larger craft but she is not adept as the other kids and is finding it difficult to switch sides quick enough (when turning the sails). I'm sure she will get faster or, at least, duck faster! She really enjoys it and she is mixing with mainstream kids which is something she is not actively encouraged to do at school (which grinds to my very nerve ends, let me tell you that for nothing).

Special Crop
This weekend, in Milngavie (Glasgow) there is a charity crop to raise money for Arthritis. If you are at a loose end, go and see what fund is being organised HERE

I think that's it for today. Yes, actually - is it! Toodle-ooooooo x