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21 Jun 2011

Mad busy and far too busy to think *plus giveaway**

Today -
was a day that "a lot got done". I've sorted out all the prizes and have allocated everybody with lovely craft bundles. And still, there are prizes to come in. So those will just go to the main winner, Fiona - hope she does not mind waiting a tiny bit longer. Fiona won the Craft Robo and a pile of stash plus he is about to get MORE! All the prizes for the Daisy Raffle go out tomorrow and Thursday. I'll be so excited to hear back from each winner to hear how they loved opening their parcels. **I'm pretty envious of them** As a matter of interest, what is the best way to transport a HUGE box of supplies to Eire? If anyone could advise, I'd be grateful.

Me in my MoleskinE class
The student list has risen to almost treble the initial class call. I'm stunned, if I'm truthful. However, several people have dropped out from their initial enquiries which means I have some extra extra extra places left. I've bought additional kits in to accommodate everyone's desire at the weekend, so if you fancy giving this exponentially large and exciting art class (details here) - please, contact me here. You will get access to a very private forum which is brimming with all the info you need and a place to make new friends. Everyone, so far, have been wonderfully supportive of each other, especially those new to Art Journals.

Oh, that crazy kid of Mine? Well, she went sailing tonight for the 3rd time tonight. But it was ever so choppy and all the small topper crafts capsized. Fortunately the leaders knew this would happen and saved her from keeling over by popping her in the power boat as part of the rescue missions. SHE LOVED IT! She had her trusty RNLI top on and obviously felt it warranted her being a part of the rescue missions. That damn hoody is never off her back. Dad - can we have another please??!!

Completing old deeds
Ive been putting old jobs to bed today and the heart swap that should have happened in January can finally be put into motion. I had people join up, drop out and not return art work and now I have a 4th volunteer finishing her projects and then we can get this heart swap all happy and triumphant. Thank you to the heart swap girls for their patience.

Card Makery time
I made these two cards whilst I was on the phone to a client today. One hour and 35 minutes is no time to sit in a chair and do nothing with your hands. NO WAY. I'm a girl, I can multi task, can't I? So I made these for my stock pile. Using leftovers from yesteryear (Studio Calico), I treated my creative and itchy fingers to some stampin and gluing.

And room for one more, please
Taking these photos at 9.15pm tonight was a treat - its starts to get darker at nights from tomorrow - booooooo!

And finally................Giveaway time!
Today, I received some pretty exciting stuff from Letraset. We all know and love how these pens deliver a professional look to all your art work with their small bullet and thick chisel tips, yeah? Well, hold on to your knickers because they have released an add on to your prized beauties! An ultra fine tip that you "click" onto your bullet tip. The bullet point slips into the back of the ultra fine nip and ink magically draw from the bullet to the ultra fine nib in SECONDS.

They are the only pen manufacturer that offers this unique and versatile "add on" - ever, in the world - EVER. They will be in shops at the beginning of July, in packs of three. And yes, you can whip it off one pen, add it to another, scribble a little swoosh on spare card and the new colour will flush the other colour out! However, there is always the chance you could cross contaminate colours. BUT!!! Have no fear as the price point of these "add on" nibs are affordable to be able to sit one on your favouritest pens forever!

Remember, ProMarkers offer the best value for money in Alcohol based pens with their ink capacity (70% more than its competitors) and no need to refill as they are cheaper to replace than refill. Ive used my Pear Green a gazillion times and it still works a treat and its about to get the fine nib treatment.

So, who wants to win some? You can win a set of three from me (one each for three winners!) and a set from the Letraset blog here. Add your name to the comments section below and I'll pick a winner within 24 hours.

Wow - that was an epic post. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, well done for staying awake!


Jennifer Scull said...

wow, you HAVE been a busy one! I posted about the class today on my blog. sorry a few of our friends had to drop out, but hopefully some new ones will come along to take those spots.

your cards are wonderful! can't believe you did them while on the phone! incredible!

and the sailing sounds like fun for your daughter. hope she gets to go again soon!

hope tomorrow is a bit more laid back for ya! :)

S said...

thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Phew!! You make me tired just reading about your days! :-) Love those cards. I've totally lost my mojo and wouldn't make them if I sat doing nothing else, let alone on the phone! And well done to Belle... did she have to push anyone in, in order to rescue them? :-o Jude.x

Bee said...

wow!! Kirsty slow down, I know we ladies never do one thing whilst we can do two but you made my head spin. Glad Belle had fun last night, many moons ago my uncle was the Company Secretary of the RNLI so good for her wearing her top.

Now Promarkers are my very best buddy so can see me having to buy oodles of those tops, what a great idea and thank you Letraset for continuing to add to the versatility of our Promarkers.

Enjoy your day, and dont get too tangles up in sellotape with all those parcels you are packing.


Bee said...

wow!! Kirsty slow down, I know we ladies never do one thing whilst we can do two but you made my head spin. Glad Belle had fun last night, many moons ago my uncle was the Company Secretary of the RNLI so good for her wearing her top.

Now Promarkers are my very best buddy so can see me having to buy oodles of those tops, what a great idea and thank you Letraset for continuing to add to the versatility of our Promarkers.

Enjoy your day, and dont get too tangles up in sellotape with all those parcels you are packing.


Kate said...

I'd love a day when I could get loads of things done! Please include me in the draw, the new nibs look like the best!

** Kate **

Yategirl said...

sounds like a hectic day! Please include me in the draw - I would love to win - I am curious to know what these pens are about!

morris.jacqueline said...

Mmm Promarker nibs! Ultra fine colouring in, no excuse to go outside the lines now! Huray for big girl colouring in pens!
Please may I win some

patriziawithaz said...

I'd love the chance to win as I still struggle with my colouring in x

humel said...

Thinking is overrated! ;) Making beautiful cards is not, yay you :)

Soooo excited about class!!!!! (I think I'm hiding it well though. Yes?)

I think you need a trip to the beautiful Eire to deliver those boxes in person, you know!

And - yes please to putting my name in the draw for the clever, clever new nib, wow! How much do I love that idea?! xx

Sandie said...

I would love to try these out!!

Good luck with the moleskine class. Cant wait to see what you've made.


Kelly said...

How exciting, i can't wait for them to hit the shops!!!! Your cards are gorgeous!!

Sue said...

Good lord Kirsty, do you ever take a breather?:)

Loving the cards.

Glad Belles enjoyed being in the rescue craft.

fionalawlor said...

Gorgeous cards Kirsty! I wish i could multi task lol i need total concentration to do most things haha. Of course i don't mind waiting according to my good old mom, the best things in life are worth waiting for :)
As for delivering it.....ermm not sure really lol maybe courier unless it can be sent by parcel with Royal Mail?
Not much help sorry lol
*So excited*
Thanks again,
Fiona L x

Glitter Monkey said...

Ooooo me please - these look pretty fabulicious!!

Sounds like Belles had a fabby time :-)
Lol Lynn ♥

Pippa (pjbear) said...

Ooh I love Promarkers, have loads I use them for doodling my birds LOL!

Karen said...

What a busy lady you are!!! Love the new nib for Promarkers, I'm madly collecting but have a long way to go to get the full set. No harm in trying as they say!!!! Take an easy day tomorrow, if there is ever such a day!

Alison Horne said...

hi, can't wait for the class and v excited about the fine nib pens as like to do a lot of detailed work. Pear green rules.

Colette said...

I love the beautiful butterfly card. Nicest card I have seen in ages. I am so jealous I can't join your class but spends do not allow at the mo, even thought it is a bargain price. Glad your daughter is enjoying sailing.

Colette x.

Sam said...

love reading your updates - spesh on the lovely Belle!! and would LOVE to be included in the draw. Thanks.xx

Clare H said...

Pick me pick me!!! Dying to get my hands on one of them beauties!

Debo said...

Blimey - I'm exhausted just reading it!!!!

What an AMAZING, INGENIOUS idea for the Promarkers!!! Want - no, NEED to get some!!!

Gemma said...

These tips are the answer to my prayers!

Kate Hadfield said...

Oh what an utterly genius idea for the promarkers!!

frazzled2day said...

aha, i have got with the times Kirsty & worked out how to post from mobbly lol! Glad Ellie had such a good time & sounds like they are listening to u & working to her needs which is fab :o) deff need the fine liner nibs & totally agree, pear green rocks :o) xx

Emma said...

I love the idea of these new ultra fine tips and love even better that you have given us a chance to win!

Lynn said...

Oh! Kirsty you make me tired just reading about your day - may have to go and have a lie down now. I'd love a chance to try the extra fine nibs as I love using my Promarkers.

Lynn x

Lisa-Jane said...

Hey luvvie, can you tell me 2 things? 1) What is a good price for Promarkers? Or best place to get them from?
2) That lush little metal rimmed tag on your lovely card, where was that from? I used some in a class recently but they came from America where they are cheap as chips. Here there was some ridiculous postage on it.
Those cards are lush!

Paula said...

I love promarkers, I find it so relaxing have been having great fun blending, these new nibs will add a new dimension:)

Bumblebee said...

Ultrafine nib sounds amazing to me, I'd love one!

kurlygirl said...

Wow, I cannot wait to get my hands on these new ProMarker nibs. These are just awesome. Thanks for the chance to win!

Nina Coulton said...

ohhh think im too late to join in but would love a set as i dont have any!!!

Helen said...

What a brilliant idea from letraset! They are a definitely a must have. Love your cards as well - never thought of using netting but doesn't it look pretty?

Kelly Massman said...

Your cards are pretty-love the butterflies! Came over from SB matters. Thanks for a chance to win!

hmcrobbie said...

Great idea from Letraset - think that will make them the best markers available. Love the cards you made wish I could multi-task like that!
Helen M

caroline said...

Wow what a great idea.

Belinda said...

What a brill idea to make a finer nib tip! Genius! You are fabby with the give away as always!
Belinda x

Ashlin said...
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Michelle said...

Wow! How cool, I've just been looking for little pens...I have a handful of pro markers but these are a gr8 idea! Thx 4 sharing and the opportunity to!

Jo said...

Yummy Cards :D

jo x