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11 Jun 2011

Loves me some Butterflies right now

Do they ever get tiresome? I think not.

This beautiful Elusive Images butterfly is the love of my life right now. Can I see me using this again, in the space of a week? Shall I make this a tradition - one stamp, twice a week? That's almost as daring as being some fab celebrity seen out in the same designer dress, twice - ever. oooooh, the shame!

I think I can feel a layout coming on, using this stamp.

Yesterday evening, Marko and I took poochy for a rather long walk. I say walk, when really Marko wanted to geocache. Apparently there are certain days in a year that Mark hasn't "cached" on and yesterday was one on of the dates - 10th June. So off I trot with the boy in hot pursuit of geocache man. I took my camera because I wanted to practice zoom photography and not be bored WITLESS whilst Mark hunted for miniature little hideaways (needle in a haystack springs to mind - yawn!). I normally work with a maximum distance of 70mm but I now had the discreet comfort of a 200mm focusing zoom - this means I can spy! Or rather catch bugs doing natural things without me scaring the crap out of them.

If you click on the images, you will see how super crisp this image is **slight smug feeling I have!** - You can even see his shiny bum!

And a tighter crop below, of the nibbling dirty little dung, loving bug!

So here is the boy - sniffing for something, preparing his next move

He gets a whiff of some of these and I shoo him away
And along the track, I admire the unfurling, fanning ferns. I love fern so much.

No idea what this triffid like plant is. I shall therefore call it "purpley thingy with lush downy hair on the stem"

Eeeeeeeew! Sluggy sluggerson in my way. Nobody squelched him, well not from our party anyway. Although, I can't vouch for the couple behind us - maybe they splatted him?

Aaaaaaaaah, the Barley field - isn't Barley fascinating? Its lush greeness is more beautiful than its ripened, golden beige

As luck would have it, there was a pub at the end of the walk. I gifted myself with a nice Pinot Grigio whilst Mark had a coke. The dog got to enjoy the ice water leftovers.

And so we made out way back with a pit stop overlooking Carr Mill reservoir. My boys? So handsome-ish ;)

I came back ridden with hayfever and a few mozzy bites but with fond memories of learning to love my zoom lens a little more.


tiggertastic said...

What a lovely post full of amazing photos and the card you have made is stunning - so classy and fresh

sarah x

Zarah said...

LOVELY photos (except the slug. Ewww!) and I heart the card!!

Mary Jo said...

You took some really beautiful photos!
And I LOVE that butterfly stamp! I say use it as many times as you want :)

Sue said...

Fab photos.

I love your pooch.

Gems said...

That card is absolutely beautiful :) and the photos are just gorgeous x

Marie said...

You could have popped in for a brew woman, we're just up the road from the Dam :)

Lovely photies as always.