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6 Jun 2011

A layout I don't love

Sometimes you make a layout which enthralls you and makes you smile and think "Oh I just love it". Well, the layout below isn't one of those. I was trying to do a block style layout but I have come to the conclusion that I ain't cut out for clean, graphic angles whatsoever and I shall now resort back to the random bundle style layouts I have come to trust and appreciate of late. Once bitten twice shy on that score.

I don't hate it, I just don't love it. The picture was one that I came across whilst having a bit of a tidy. It's Belles, aged 5. I barely took pictures of her back then. It was a couple of years before the onset of digi cams and films were pricey to both buy and be developed. Nevertheless, I'm glad i have this picture of her at the RDA in Salisbury. Oh she did have fun that day...... isn't she CUTE? (Helmet was off, yes! This picture was of her resting before some of you FREAK!!!)

I love my papers (from the GoGo June kit) I just am not settled on the composition. But its one for the album and 1 photo down out of a potential 473947564930273 left to scrap!

Tonight, belles and I made the most of the summer sun. We went to the local lake to walk the dog and have fun in the park. On the way around, I took pictures of things that took our interest. Belles ooooh'ed and aaaaaaaah'ed at pretty wild flowers. She was looking for bugs for me but we only saw one and he was on a wilting wild lily.

Although there were some pretty fresh wild Lillie's on resplendent display

And these other wild flowers caught our eyes

And then on the way back, we enjoyed stretching scenery before us and of course captured it for posterity.

We particularly liked the curve of these benches which we took respite on before we hit the park.

A lovely night for use Wiseman girlies (and boy poochy), hope you spent yours doing interesting things too x


Bettyann said...

beautiful glad you had fun with Belles and the pooch...take care

Sue said...

Lovely photos.

I like the LO.

Jannina said...

Great photos!! And by the way...I like the layout!!!