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30 Jun 2011

Inky minky manky fangers

Well, it went live at erm.......8.15 and not 7.45 (ish) Technical hitches and pre-class nerves got the better of me. But thank you to the very patient students who waited the extra time for me to pull my fingers out as I primped and preened my work area and fought with my Logitech (ultimate pants) camera. You girls were absolute stars - thank you (and also Pippa and Darcy and and Janey for being my calming calmer-sons).

ME in my MoleskinE went out to students tonight and with a significant amount of students still signing up everyday, I wanted to let you know that this class is now available to buy to access anytime. The class comes with access to a private forum, private Flckr account, a recorded class video, a 30 page manual with page by page breakdowns and a kit posted to your door to start with - who says you have to leave home to learn? Find out more about the class here

And if you want to buy a kit, Ive ordered a large volume of supplies to get you started real soon.

Kirsty x
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Kirsty Wiseman said...

To my daily, miserbale and negative anonymous poster - what wonderful annotations are you going to greet me with today? I simply cannot wait to hear what pearls of wisdom you throw my way.
Kirsty x

Anonymous said...

Just popped in to say that I didn't see your class (can't afford at the moment) but that I'm sure you were absolutely fine/brilliant and someone will be along soon who did watch, to confirm that. It looks great and now that you have "opened it up" maybe I can participate soon - depending on situations here at home.. :-)
As for your anonymous poster... they are very lonely aren't they? Can your regular readers start a Cluedo style "game" maybe? I'll start - she lives in London and doesn't like art? Some of her comments have had me ROFL... she is so ridiculous.
I can't wait for todays little speech! That could be another "game" Pre-empt Anon's daily speech? LOL
((Hugs)) Jude.x

Sue said...

Well done on the success of your class.

Anita said...

Great class last night Kirsty, well done. I will , no doubt, be watching it on many occasions for me to get my journal finished. Looking forward to the next one. Anita xxx

Debo said...

I really want to join your course - it sounds amazing but I've got too much going on at the mo so I'd love to be able to join in later! I've no doubt that it will be brilliant.

(Re: Cleudo/anon. I assumed they were from America)

Helen said...

Brilliant class and can't wait to get my Me in my Moleskine completed. Thanks for dreaming up such a creative, lovely jubbly, inkilicious class for us! Helen x

humel said...

It was such a fantabulously wondermazing class, Kirsty! I enjoyed it so muchly, and the enjoyment will continue as I work through my pages, how value-for-money is that?! Thank you so much! xx

Alison Horne said...

Managed to miss live class and then couldn't get recording to play, looking forward to trying again when i get home this evening.
alison x.

Darcy said...

Class went great honey, no need for the worries. I managed to contribute sensible suggestions to the chat, even with a full bottle of wine in me hahaha

When I find my desk, i will be starting my book. printing destructions right this minute.

Mucho luffs xxx

Darcy said...

ok so they weren't all sensible...the photocoying of bottoms wasn't entirely sensible hahaha

Tracey said...

THANKYOU so much for an absolutely brilliant class, the vid was excellent, the manual so detailed and full of useful hints and tips, the journalling prompts are fantastic and you my friend are one of the most talented, sweetest, selfless people I have ever had the good fortune to get to know - bless your heart Kirsty Wiseman your family must be so very proud xxx

If anyone is considering taking this class I or buying the kit I can't recommend it highly enough - you WILL love it ( and no I am not paid by Kirsty lol) xxx

Katy said...

I have to echo what Tracey has said, simply UH-MAZING! I'm normally a scrapper, but this has got me hooked! I can 100% recommend this class, and the giggles we have had are priceless.

Thank you so much Kirsty

Katy xx

Lisa said...

Kirsty, I loved watching the video, and I couldn't wait to start my book. Work got in the way of course.... I started tonight, and managed pages 1, 2 and 3
Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be a part of this.
You really are amazing, and as for your anon poster - they are clearly sooooo sad and need to get a life
Lisa xx