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9 Jun 2011

I told you I loved this stamp!

Using a stamp, twice, in the same week is monumental for me. And as I have a LOT of polymer clings (who doesn't - they are relatively cheap to buy) this means I am truly spoilt for choice. Nevertheless, I picked up this stamp again and made this little pretty for my stock of emergency cards.

You can buy this Stamp from your local Stampin' Up Demonstrator :)

I wanted to share these pics of Belles from the other night. First of all, you see the pics of her climbing the scramble net? This is the FIRST time in her life that she has managed to do it. She has always been frightened of "falling through the holes" - I'm so proud of her.

It took her ages but she was determined to do it. I love her feisty attempt!
And her she celebrates with a smile of triumph!
This is she on the roundabout - and how I didn't pass out trying to take this picture, I will never know. Sicky sicky!

She has even learned to swing herself (without us pushing!). I love going to the park at last light as she gets the activities to herself and therefore she has more confidence. By the way - that RNLI top? She NEVER EVER seems to take it off - EVER (thanks Dad x)
So we round the park trip off with a little stretch with the pooch. She can only walk in bursts of 60-80metres before she needs a rest. The light was lovely on both of them, here. She loves him so much

And not before long, we head back to the car and I allowed her to walk ahead and follow that winding path in the lovely dusk light
A worth while trip for a number of triumphs.

Finally -
the photo courses I am running? (see the link on the top right of this page). I have a few spaces left and I have added an extra date for London, too

The dates and places I have so far is:

Birmingham City Centre: 10th July 10am to 4pm

3 places left 2 booked

Gloucester - Meet at PaperArts: 17th July - 10am to 4pm

2 places left 3 booked

Leeds City Centre: 24th July - 10am to 4pm

1 places left 4 booked

London Covent Garden: 30th July - 10am to 4pm

3 places left 2 booked

London Covent Garden: 31st July - 10am to 4pm


Edinburgh City Centre: 7th Aug - 10am to 4pm

2 places left 3 booked


Sue said...

Fabby photos.

Sophie-Lou-J said...

Kirsty i love these photos such a beatuiful one of the two together and great light, really emotional light!
Sophie-Lou x
P.s love the stamp :) x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see your daughter having fun and smiling. Its fantastic that she is able to do so much more now and clearly getting stronger.

Elaine said...

Hi Kirsty, how do we go about booking your course at Paperarts....I wannna go

Lisa-Jane said...

Wow, isn't she doing great!