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13 Jun 2011


All of these amazing projects have been beautifully crafted from paper. Puts my cardmaking efforts to shame, don't you think?

This dictionary here was cut by revealing just the imagary on each page - its stunning

You can see the rest of the exhibition here

I would stay and write more but I just got back from the X Factor auditions in Manchester. Great night but 7 hours in cattle class is not exactly enthralling. Good to be with smashing friends, though. Thanks to Beth, Louisa and Mazzer for the company x


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures and a huge difference between crafting and some card making where people use ideas from others and ready made embellishments- people havent done anything more than copy , paste and stick but it passes some time and they seem to enjoy this as a hobby. There are so many techniques where the time and effort put in to actually making something is much more effective and yet if it has a name attached to it everyone is so desperate to copy rather than go it alone arent they!

Sue said...


Sarah xx said...

These are awesome Kirsty, love the Websters dictionary!
Awesome should try a hobby that brings them and so many other people great pleasure and brings people together as friends too!! Maybe then she wouldn't feel the need to write acidic comments and not post who she is?? Get a life!! xx

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Me thinks Troll is a Guardian reader!! She read this this morning and remembered she hadn't had a go in a while and had better come post!! I'm so gonna love it they come up with a way of retrospectively identifying Anonymous so that your feeble blog followers can "use ideas from others" to plaster her photo all over the net (too funny!! Apart from breathing and weeing can't think of many things we do as humans that haven't been inspired by what other people do!! And come to think about it - weeing in a way that doesn't leave you covered in wee is someone else's idea isn't it? That's the problem with the human race - too desperate to copy!! Where's the originality?)
I'm thinking a Ryan Giggs style Twitter campaign!! Not that I am on Twitter - but I might join just for that!!
Love the photos Kirsty!! Very inspirational - and of course if I were to be inspired by them to make something similar that wouldn't be taking ideas from others at all - or using ready made embellishments - I'd be completely going it alone!!!!! - Of course would have to chop my own trees down and turn them into paper - damn - making paper with wood is someone else's idea - hmmm, how else to make paper without referring to any previous knowledge from others on the subject . . . I could be a while!!
Love Nina B

Amelie said...

you also might like my good friend Kyle's work.

he did quite a bit of paper artwork recently. we did GCSE art together :)
Suz xx

Anonymous said...

How amazing is that! Also looked at "Kylebean" website. How clever are these peeps!
X Factor? I loooove watching the heats - not so much once it gets to the good acts though! LOL.
And "Anon"..... Did Mummy not tell you that if you can't say something nice, keep your gob shut? Time she did.
(((hugs))) Kirsty. Jude.x