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19 Jun 2011

Fathers Day walk

Such a nice day to get out of the house and fuss over Mark (after he did all the ironing, of course - thank you Mark!). We took a different route this afternoon and take in the cool air coming off the local canal. Plus its easier to wheel Ellie's chair about unlike the rocky paths of our local park.

Isn't she getting taller (or is the hair adding volume??!!)
There was plenty of pretty little things to take photographs of, so I rushed ahead leaving Mark and Belle to chat

I spied this little bee in all the long grass and was really pleased he sat still for me (click on it to enlarge - he is magnificent!)

I've always had a fancy for these wild, large daisies. These were right on the edge of the canal walls. I almost went for a swim at this point (ie almost fell in!)

Mark found the world teeniest frog which almost became lunch for Eddy.

Belle stopped a while to blow dandelion clocks. We never get too old for that, do we? Ive used a colour wash on this image. I rather like it.
We walked for a few miles to psyche ourselves up for a sunday roast although I was good and had a huge pile of veggies and little of the naughty stuff.

Also - any Birmingham based peeps wanting to take a photo course with me, I've got two spaces left for the 10th July. Do come along and get to grips with your DSLR for a fun day out and learn all the tricks of what your wonderful camera (and you!) can do. Click here to find out more.


Jennifer Scull said...

what beautiful photos! looks as if you had a great day! love the little froggie!

what is the scoop about someone from the States being a part of your book group? I am interested in taking part, but know the shipping could be a pain.......

fionalawlor said...

Wow these photos are amazing! I actually wowed out loud at the flower and bee one,all the fab detail! And as for the frog....well I just want it lol I LOVE frogs!
Fiona x

Sue said...

Fab photos. Love the little frog.

morris.jacqueline said...

We have loads of those teeny frogs in our pond, they're amazing! Send Eddy down here if he gets peckish

Fiona said...

Beautiful photo's Kirsty.

Di said...

Gorgeous photos! And that teensy froggie is just too cute :) Hugs, Di xx

Trish said...

Lovely Photos Kirsty. Belle looks gorgeous as ever. Where on earth do I get myself one of them guys that does the ironing though? X