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26 Jun 2011

Another glimpse of my MIMM class

Here is another sneak of my "ME in my MoleskinE" class. I have had several more people sign up in the past 24 hours, which prompted me to go into town today to hunt those little rascal books down (They are sold in very small quantities in shops unless you buy from a larger stockist, online). Fortch I managed to seize some in my grubby mitts, namely Waterstones. Belles and I LOVE this shop with all of our hearts and I was happy reading children's picture books whilst Belles mooched. I shall never EVER tire of reading childrens books especially when they make you laugh out loud.

I thought some of my students might like a another teaser. I even took pictures of the work in progress.

These two colours make me very very happy

The texture on this page makes my eyes go swirly with delight

The brayering effect has stolen my heart

The question is, how will YOU colour yours?

**If you have been considering taking the class, you can read all about it HERE and then, if you are interested, please email me HERE**

Kirsty x
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Jennifer Scull said...

well I have a feeling I will be using PINK........ ;)

can't wait!

Mrs C said...

Amazing Colour combo.... Will have to steal my mums brayer for a little while lol

Tracey said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh that pink is almost as delish as strawberry ice-cream, soooooo needing to play xxx

Alison Horne said...

oooh! lime!

Buzzard Girl said...

Have just been onto good old eBay to get me some paints. Not sure what colour I will use yet. Totally gutted my kit hasn't arrived yet...can't wait to see the prompts!!!!

Anonymous said...

a craze sweeps the nation. does anyone craft anymore without following a magazine idea or a class?

Annie said...

Anonymous, why do you have to attempt to spread your negative energy? Put it to something useful, like maybe crafting yourself and see how happy it makes you. It's not about 'following a magazine idea or a class', its about finding your muse.

Brill pages, Kirsty.

Alison Horne said...

Why so anonymous? we would love to know where to send our good vibes.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Dear Anon
stop being a miserable old goat. Get happy - its a wonderful feeling.
Here, have a hug.... you obvs need one. ((((hug)))
Kirsty x

zafira said...

i am surprised you had not realised there are lotd of ud out here who cant get to classes and are deparate for online stuff. I am disabled ,live in a place where public transport is nonexistent and cant drive. So bring them on please