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31 May 2011

Pollen hell

I don't know how pollen works.
You would think after suffering with hay fever (since I was 3) that I would know how it works and when its about to attack. But yesterday was a bit rainy so you would think that this morning it would have been low. But NO! I woke up with a very swollen eye and very itchy skin. So random and so annoying. And then, if I wasn't a glutton for punishment enough, we took the dog on a huge walk (in the sunshine) where I came back as itchy as in itchy thing from the planet itch-a-lot. So these next few weeks looks like Ill be dosing up on Clarytyn. Grrrr, annoying.

That didn't stop me from finishing off layout number 7 of this week and of course I have rehashed layout number 5 (as I mentioned yesterday). Im in love with my devotion to scrapbooking this week. I even think I could do one a day for a month but like everything else in my life, something else always crops up and I spoil my own dare!

This photo was taken when I met the Studio Calico design team in 2009. We met at an open night where we had cheesy pics taken with star wars figures. I was going to give the layout a ridiculously crazy name but Momma Sensible came to me just before I adhered the letters. I wonder if you could even guess what that would have been?! The chipboard flourish is from Tando and has been adhered beautifully with Letratac.

And this layout - oh my! It was during one of Eddy's first walks as a pup. And he had his first dig! The picture isn't in the best exposure as he was digging so furiously, looking for buried treasure (naturally) but it brings back such a lovely memory. He was such a beautiful pup, sob... i miss that cuteness about him.

Ive used Amy Butler papers which I initially bought just to drool over. Hello? Are we supposed to even use Amy Butler papers? I think not but they match my piccy so perfect so all is not lost. However, I would like to know if anyone has any more of this paper in stock? Just so I can love it and adore it for a little bit longer :)

The little bird and branch is from Tando and was stuck with Letratac for a super sticky finish.

Ok, going to finish up on tidying my bombsite of an office, for the 83755623920475638 time.


Melina said...

very cute layouts! I also suffer from pollen allergies....I feel your pain. :)

Ali said...

Ah. Unfortunately for us hayfever sufferers, rain tends to bring pollen that had escaped into the upper atmosphere right back down to earth again. *sigh*

Hope the Clarityn kicks in soon! :)

Colette said...

'Grew out of' hayfever when I was about 30 (weird I know), and seemed to pass it on to my husband who had never had it before, (weirder still)! But I still remember it not so fondly so I have the greatest sympathy for you.

Love the layouts,

Colette x.

Sue said...

Fabby LOs.

I get hayfever sometimes, although not had it for a while. They reckon that you should preempt the onset by taking you meds before signs show. Hope you can take something that helps you.

Anne said...

Hi Kirsty - great layouts , however a tip on the old hayfever --- buy some local honey -- HAS to be local -- bought from a local beekeeper -- and take a spoonful a day -- it does work to combat the hayfever ------- something to do with the local pollen and bee propollis is a natural antibiotic / antihystamine .
Anne x

Anonymous said...

hi, they suggest eating local honey each day as that does something to your immune system and alters your reactions to the pollen which is a minor histamine response in your body. Go and find a locally produced honey - as close to home as possible and enjoy a few spoonfuls a day!!! Soon be free of the need for drugs or so they say! We are hoping it will work here too! Started it yesterday after sourcing the local honey!

Ali said...

That is a beautiful LO - all my favourite colours and you've added so many lovely details.

D@nielle said...

caught up on your blog, lot's of cute lo's !