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28 May 2011

On a simple scrapbooking roll

Ive given up with trying to keep up with all the "new and latest expensive scrapbook fiddly faddlies" this weekend. Ive just gone with finding a picture and scrapping it any old how and Ive really (and I mean REALLY) loved it. I'm on layout number 4 and whilst that is in progress I wanted to put these new 2 layouts up here, to share with you. I loved yesterdays layout which took minutes and these two below? Minutes, again!

Ive took receipt of the Stampin Up star punch from Jane last weekend and I think I will love this forever, so be prepared to get sick of seeing it! The layout below features one of many beautiful chipboard shapes from Tando Creative - I encourage you to go and take a look at their HUMONGOUS stock range....something for everyone! Of course, I'm working the doilies to death too, seeing as I took receipt of 500 x 4" ones (for a song) off Amazon. Again, you WILL get sick of seeing these soon as you will with bunting and spray inks. I wont apologise....I LOVE these things - they make me happy zippy doo daa.
Not one jot of patterned paper on this layout (and the one yesterday). That saves, at least, 80p per project. However, this will never stop me buying patterned paper again. You know that I would be mentals to stop doing such a thing.

I even dug out Basic Grey papers from yesteryear for this layout below which is novel for me. Not one jot of Kraft cardstock in sight. Im trying to use up all my old Prism and Doodlebug cardstock, so Im feeling incredibly thrifty! Oh yes, there are the stars and doilies too! LOL and the chipboard piece is from Tando again

I'm hoping I can share two more layouts tomorrow night, I'm soooo making up for my lack of dedicated scrapping of late.

Sooooooooooooooo, today?
Well Belles (note to the ridiculous anonymous poster: she is not my "tot", she is not dying of an incurable disease and I'm not her grandmother) went off to her Nanna's today for a week by the sea. Of course, I was at a loss. She and I are home buddies and when she is not at home, I don't want to be at home. So I decided to take the train to Liverpool to spend a gift voucher at Cath Kidston. SHRIEK! Excitement. I left the pooch in Marks capable hands as he did his marking (he has a lot of marking to do at the end of term...books and books and folders and books in there bajillions)......... I love that Mark, marks! lol

I took a train one stop after our local station which saves me almost £3 for the effort and read my book. Well, I say read....I couldn't concentrate. As I don't often get out much (I sound like an old lady, don't I?) I couldn't help but "people watch". Some might say I'm a nosey old cow for doing so but people just fascinate me. The half hour journey went by in a wizz and suddenly I was in Liverpool. Oh I can't tell you what a mix of people who shop there. Girls shopping in their jammers, girls with rollers in there hair, lads with pants round their ankles, hen nights, stag do's - its a right mix of culture. I just put my head down and made a beeline for Cath Kidston. **sigh** That shop is a sight to behold. All spotty and floral and decorated like a kitsch 50's wash house in one corner and a old country wardrobe in another. The voucher I had been given was generous and I didn't know where to start. I think I was in there for an hour before I picked up this

and these beaded food savers - pretty pretty pretty

and a metre of this

and a metre of this

to make this

To add some diversity to my day, I nipped into Primark to pick up a pair of sunglasses, a scarf (always a scarf) and a polka dot flower broach to go with the bag I am intent on making.

I had a lovely day, just out and about, on my "jack jones" but admit that the 4 hours that I was out, I cam back absolutely knackered. Must be that special stuff called fresh air ;)


Darcy said...

A scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ali M said...

oo,Id love to come shopping with you always spot such pretty things !..And i always go for a least through my flutuating weight I know it will always fit!!AliM

patriziawithaz said...

Thanks for showing us these gorgeous LO's. Simply fab !!I get so scared of all those new super-duper types that I think "I can't do that!" that I end up not doing any :(

Kerry said...

Great choices. Cath Kidston is my absolute favourite shop especially now there is one in Leeds. Can't go far wrong with a primark scarf either. Oooh I needs myself a shopping trip. :)

Marie said...

This s great! You LO's are very inspiring and your writing is a joy to read. :)
Love n hugs

Sue said...

Saw that ridiculous post - thought the person who posted it must have been on something:)

Hope Belles has a fab time with her nan.

Glad you got out and bought such lovely goodies.

Loving the LOs.

morris.jacqueline said...

OMG I love the bag. Pattern available where???? PLease

ShirleyDavisCrafts said...

I am very glad you have such solid support from your Mum, Kirsty and it is great she enjoys her granddaughter so much. Gooey stuff...and grinning at the thought of such a closeknit family.

I am a people watcher too. Do you ever 'come to' and realise your subject has clocked you looking and realised you are, in fact, staring? It happens in pubs, shops, hospital waiting rooms. You can't people watch without the risk of staring!

But I do it because I like learning and finding writing prompts. All storytellers must people-watch/stare - for a living, really.

The layouts are great, the purchases gorgeous.

Clare said...

Want that pattern, Need that pattern!! Where can I find it? Cx

sarah said...

Love the bag, please show us your finised one when you get time to make it!!!!!! would love to know where the pattern came from?? I too have a drawer filled with a rainbow of scarves (just not yellow!!). ebay always good for pashmina style - 2 for £5 usually!! enjoy your week of crafting!!

Lisa-Jane said...

Love your speedy layouts! Maybe I need to plan in my head more so I can use the time more efficiently when I do scrap. I get sidetracked by the papers though (ooh this one, no this one, ooh I'd forgotten about that one.)

Michelle said...

So much in common...a Cath Kidston fan and primarni! lol looks like fun, I can't wait to see your bag...