Ladies Camera Club

24 May 2011


Just from an incident relating to Belles and Schools and the fact that she falls into this huge murky, grey area that nobody seems to want to delve into. I'm too tired to go into it tonight. But there you have it. Some days you wake up and you feel you can conquer the world. Other days you think "not". Today was "not".

Aaaaaaaanyway, despite hauling my backside outdoors for a huge poochy walk, I took therapy in making a few cards tonight. Little things like this makes me happy. I know paper crafting makes most of my readers happy (I'm sure you are all paper crafters, right?). You can't begin to describe the stress relief it brings. If only I could bring this joy to everyone, everyday - who wouldn't like to spend time with other crafters just making "stuff"? Selfishly, I did it just for me tonight and everything is calm again.

The bride and groom embellishment is from Mei Flower (my fave trinkety shop)

A very simple card using leftovers! I LOVE LEFTOVERS!

I thought id photograph this card again as, the other night, the light was dim and shabby. I love the silver charm from Mei Flower