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21 May 2011

A day to catch up

I wanted to add these pics that my in-laws sent me. They are of Belles when she went to feed some lambs the other week. Its been a dream of hers for years (and mine, if truth be told - But Ive yet to get the chance). She really has a love of small animals, its so endearing to see her interact with them.
The look of adoration in the pic below kills me

Clinging on for dear life at first.... she was a little uneasy to start

Getting a little braver

Look, no holding on!

An expert by now

The owners of the farm have a real cacophony of pets, including this awesome wire haired dachshund. Just look at that little sausage dog loving the attention from her!

Belles was in her element

A cute Jack Russell, rather like Daisy Dog

Awwwwww, animals are such a delight x