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1 May 2011

Brassica napus

Latin names for flowers are so romantic. Its a stark contrast, really, especially if the English name is Rapeseed. Ugh.

You must have seen scores of fields, near you, with its beautiful yellowy colour. If not, you have surely smelled them. I, for one cannot, stand the smell of rapeseed. But I have to say they offer a wonderful background for photos.

I took Belles the other night whilst I was at my Mums. What I didn't realise was how tall they were going to tower over Belles, so we had to stick to the side of the field as opposed to "right in the centre".

That yellow? Wow, so sunshiny.

I took this pic three years ago. The sun is lower in this pic which is best as eyes don't squint so much in lower sunlight. I kept the saturation bright and cheery.

But when I took this of Ellie, I wanted to give it a buttery cast to keep in with the shaded features on her face. I rather love it. She was concentrating on disturbing the pollen which got EVERYWHERE! And, indeed, up our conks - we sneezed for ages after this shot!

As we came away from the little photo opp, she chased the dog. Only in the picture her right hand is not in shot and I think that our little pooch, Eddy, was running after it with it in his mouth - LOL!

Its to be harvested soon so if you get the chance tomorrow, go and take your kids in a rapeseed field. Keep within the tracks (don't trample over the farmers prized crop) and be warned - the pollen gets everywhere although it doesn't stain.

Photo tip:
If its sunny keep your ISO at its lowest (usually 100, if not 200).
Rapeseed on an overcast day is still surprisingly pretty.
If light overcast set your ISO to 200 and dark over cast to ISO 400.
Set your aperture on F6.3 (Best for portraits) and adjust your shutter speed accordingly (or just shoot in AV mode on F6.3).
WB will be sunny although automatic can be pretty much ok.
Never hand hold you camera with a shutter speed of 1/80 or less (unless you have a mega steady hand)

If you do take a shot, share me your image. I just love Brassica Napus at this time of year - you should indulge too!


Rosie (Freycob) said...

I may have to go and find a golden field or two tomorrow now my lovely!

Still desp to find a poppy field later in the year.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. If I wasn't working you'd have tempted me. But I will take my camera to work because there are a few lovely flowers that you've insired me to try to capture. Jude.x

Sue said...

I hate the smell as well. Round here at times we have fields of yellow (Rapeseed and Mustard), blue (Flax) and red (Poppies).

Anonymous said...

I'm always scared a farmer is going to appear out of nowhere and batter me!! Haha!

Di said...

Love these Kirsty! Like you, I sneeze like crazy from rapeseed pollen but it looks so gorgeous doesn't it. Di x

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

Gorgeous photography - thanks for the heads up on what should be the best settings for our camera for these shots - so very nice of you -i'll have to make the effort (LOL) this week to go out and snap away -and of course if I do I will let you know.



sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi me again I just had a thought this could be a whole new challenge blog you could run - setting us all photography challenges (with little tips to help us along the way......) just a thought.... haha!


Keilly said...

Thanks for sharing Kirsty, I must take my boys to one of the nearby fields and get some shots. I will definately use your photo tips too. x

Sally-Jo said...

Well speaking as a sort of farmers wife, we are usually happy to share of 'gardens' so long as people ask/ and treat the field/ crop with respect as kirsty stated,lovely pictures kirsty belles is a beauty! And yes would love to find a poppy field to xxx

Anonymous said...

great shots of your little girl! they grow up so fast nowadays its wonderful to have happy memories! Soon enough in the teenage years they dont want to be seen with parents let alone in a field! Treasure this time and build happy memory shots for the future. She will soon be out of bounds for such shots and treasures!

Kate said...

Gorgeous pics Kirsty. Thanks for the tips with the settings. I can use all the help I can get!

There's a little something on my blog for you ;-)

morris.jacqueline said...

I've copied and pasted your instructions for when I have time. I have an Olympus OM1 which I bought in 1980 with a bank loan of £100. Until I can afford a digital SLR, Old Faithful will have to do.
Thanks for the inspiration

Debo said...

LOVE the photo! The red against the yellow is amazing!

Will read your instructions again (and again and again) to see if I can make sense of them!!!

Nina said...

I would quite possibley have an asthma attatck and die!!!