Ladies Camera Club

5 May 2011

And she's off

I have packed my car to the rafters with my pooter, camera equipment, class supplies and make and take goodies. I mustn't forget to add that I have made hand crafted chocolates too (or as my fwend Maz Emberson calls them, Chocklit). I'm feeling a bit smug with myself as they were pips to do. I used dried apple and sultanas in milk choc, chopped almond & cranberry milk choc ganache and coffee creams in dark choc. Some fell in my mouth, in the process. And they ended up on my thighs, naturally.

I'm so excited to be a part of Creative HeArt and Soul - you won't believe what they have planned (unlike any event I have ever been to). Will bring pics for proof on Sunday

**Skips happily to bed**

PS: Talking of Maz Emberson, her new website is up and they are slowly filling their shelves on the site with excruciatingly delicious product. If you like the website, perhaps its because Maz and I worked together to give it a fresh new look. **Ahem, breathes on nails and polishes them on my bosom**


Sue said...

Have a fab time.

Those chocs sound yummy:)

katsky said...

Scrappy cute! Loving it.

Emma said...

Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy those wonderful choccies.
I also just wanted to say a big, thank you for your fab "Keep Calm and Carry On"'s what I made and I hope you like it:
Love Emma x