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29 May 2011

100 (naked) iron men ....picture heavy post

For a good while I have been promising myself a trip over to see Antony Gormleys "Another Place" exhibition at Crosby beach (he is the fella behind the Angel of the North). If you have never heard of this peculiar array of sculptures then let me just touch base with you. Or rather point you in the direction of Wikipedia (LOL).

Sooooo, 100 iron men (taken from the cast of Gormleys body himself - complete with the dingly dangly bits for ALL to see - nice touch, I feel) stretch out as far as 2 km wide and 1 km long. From the very beachy shore right into the sea. At full tide you only would see a dozen of them and at low tide, well - obvs, all of them. Its bizarre but its also very intriguing. I was actually quite impressed and I'm not the "arty farty" type, you know?

The observations started as he stared at the sea, the wind flapping his ears (to the point where he almost took off)

And we look down the beach and see a hundred of identical iron men, facing the Irish sea. My camera (nor anyone elses, for that matter) could capture them all in one shot - they are too widespread to appreciate in a single crop

The dog, however was NOT impressed. He barked at every single one of them. He really did give each one of them some of his best vocals. Mark and I did nothing but laugh at him.

Of course, if I am going to be pictured with naked dingly dangly man, I am so going to cover his modesty (and note that I didn't TOUCH it......eeeeeew). And whilst we are here, please do not attempt to ask your hairdresser to copy my fabulous hairstyle!

We managed to calm Eddy down after a while, but he would gruff as we past more of these fascinating things.
Some were covered in barnacles from salt water erosion

some were red from just wind erosion

We loved it! The beach was also awash with little gulley's like this

and approx 8.4 gazillion jelly fish
After we had enjoyed the spectacle, we head back to the car where I was graced with one 102 butts in my face


here is layout 4 from the weekend with layout number 6 almost complete.

ooooh, doilies? Just for a change!

Clean, simple and executed in the shortest of short times. I plan to have ten layouts done before Ellie gets back and that, my friends, is more than I have done in the last few months!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for the tour. :)
Lol at the 102 line. :D

Sue said...

Fab photos. Had to smile at the one of your OH and adorable pooch walking away:)

I've seen those iron men on TV. Bet they can look very forlorn.

Happy scrapping. Looking forward to seeing your LOs.

SallyB said...

Oh you are lucky living near the sea Kirsty. Am almost jeal!! Great photos and lovely to see you having such a fun time x

Jayne C said...

Great photos.....really MUST go there and see these guys for real!! x

Julia said...

Such fab photos Kirsty. You always manage to make me smile. Love the pic of Mark & Eddy walking away. Never knew about the Iron men will go off now and look them up. Thaks!!

Ruthie said...

Ohhh - we used to have a daschund - same colour too! You made me laugh about him barking at the statues (feisty little buggers arent they?) - and then him just gruffing at them - Max used to do that!

Thanks so much for sharing - esp the final shot of the two bums disappearing into the distance!


Sarah xx said...

How bizarre - they must look quite spooky and solitary in the winter? Love the 102 bums though and Eddie is just a star - love him and his bark and his ears!!! xx

Heather said...

this made me laugh out loud & I had to show my OH. Loooove the bum shots my dear :) xx

Sue said...

Super pics Kirsty and how fascinating to see the way they have weathered differently with the wind and salt. I've not heard of them before.
Sue x

Melina said...

I love that you took us "with you" on your bizarre trip to the sea to "see" dingly danglys! hahahahahaha Just kidding! This is so cool. Thanks for sharing this and your layout. I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Have seen these on t'internet..... Do you know if they are permanent or will be "moving on" some time in the future? Gonna be a while before I get get over that side of "them thar hills" and I was soooo jealous when I saw that you'd been to see them... :-D Jude.x Oh! And I'm loving all the scrap pages, by the way. No favourites - love them all. x

Sarah Hurley said...

ooooh, they're a bit sinister but fascinating all the same, great pics!

Love the LO too and your poochie is so cute with his little chubby legs :o)

Sarah x