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16 Apr 2011

She's in my arms again

A week apart is ridiculously long without super sweet kisses and stolen cuddles. But regardless of the misery of bring separated, what's best is being reunited. We went to pick belles up today and I swear she had collected some colour in her cheeks and has gained a few freckles. A week with nanny and pops on the Welsh coast has done her good. It's even like when she goes to my parents (who also live by the sea) she eats particularly well. Isn't she cute?
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On the way through Wales, I started reading an amazing book called Gifts of Imperfection. All I will say is that if you, like me, have moments of self doubt then you MUST read it.
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I feel so much relief already x


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

That´s a great mom&daughter picture! You two are gorgeous. Enjoy the reading. :)

Sue said...

Glad you've got your girl back. Loving the photos.

Anonymous said...

my god,you look like 18 in that pic of you and your book!
glad your curlygirls home safe x
lulubelle x

cathyrey said...

Kirsty- I just googled gifts of imperfection and found Brene Brown talks on you tube - profoundly helpful thankyou so much !!!

Di said...

Brilliant book. Always refer back to it. Look up Brene Brown on YouTube. And there's a fab online course at Mondo Beyondo for the book. Great stuff.

Trish said...

Thanks Kirsty will definitely hunt out the book. By the way you look about 12 in the last picture! Can I have some of whatever your taking !! x

Sara said...

I just got that book the other day. It arrived on my birthday which was great! Check out her website as well