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3 Apr 2011


Hey, you know, you missed such a great day, yesterday.

Scrapstars is a new line of retreats run by Caroline Lovett whose heart and soul lies in scrapbooking retreats for her own personal pleasure. Gathering years of experience in attending lots of retreats herself, she cherry picked the best bits from those retreats and rolled them into one package........her very own Scrapstars retreats. Her first retreat (yesterday) was run from her home due to a little hiccup with the one planned for a quaint hotel in Bramhope, in Leeds. This did not phase her attendees as she has a rather accommodating amount of space in her home.

Taking place of Monique Jacobs (who couldn't attend as there was a sudden bereavement only last week) was Jolanda Meurs who taught Moniques class instead. OH MY! I couldn't believe I was allocated a space to take the class. It was simply majestic. I'm dying to share the pictures with you but I'm not done yet. We broke for a flipping well delish lunch and then I taught my box oh hope/wishes class which over-ran a little...... well, I wanted everyone to finish!

The story behind this class is that you show the treasures and trinkets on TOP of the box whilst you fill the box with hopes and wishes instead! The glass heart magnifies the word "hope" whilst the brass locket secretes initials.

Then Caroline taught an altered book class which, when I have finished it, will share with you. And I only never finished them because I brought NO tools as I wasn't expecting to take classes!

You simply HAVE to come to the next event in Sept (see here). I hope you can make it because Carolines attention to detail is beautiful. Also, the day delegate rates are bit spesh, if I say so myself....... 5 classes and lunch for £80? STOP IT!

Also, whilst I'm on a mammoth blog run, Happy Mothers day to all you fab Mums. I know you are all amazing because I know how tough being a mum can be. I got to hug my little babies without the usual "GET OFF ME" because we all know that hugs are law on Mothers day - like it or not. Fortch my girl loves hugs and they come as standard from the sausage!

This is what I got as my giftlet. I bought them myself, of course, cos Mark is rubbish at choosing pwitty slippers (think granny style with nylon fabric that sets your bum on fire from friction). I don't want those, Mark. I want fun slips to prance around the house in, static free! And hey, these bunny slips have a pom pom on the heel for its tail!

What else?
Ummmmm...........oh yes. Ive recently been overhauling some blogs and also creating letter heads and business cards of late. I also create logo's, I'm not sure if you know that either! Just fillers between jobs, you know. Being freelance means bits here and there and I hate sitting here doing NOTHING. Aaaaaaaaaanyway, it only occurred to me that I have not got any up to date business cards so I created two and put a poll out on two designs on my facebook page. Whilst most people likes the white and teal one, I also felt drawn to the red and thought I could hand them out to either crafty clients or graphics/printer companies accordingly. (Click on the image to enlarge)
On all the backs of the cards will be my photography business too which my byline states "Birthdays Weddings Bar Mitzvahs" - one of my fave sayings that covers all occasions! If you know anyone having a headache with business card designs, letterheads, logo's, graphics, blogs etc........ tell 'em to call me!

Finallys, check out Di Wrays blog who has shown a bit of love for the Bug dolls - Smashing!


Sue said...

So glad you had a fab time, despite the various setbacks.

Love the photo of you with Belle and your lovely dog.

alexa said...

I'm with you on the red one! Much more eye-catching. :)

Helen Anderson (aka Crafty Helen) said...

Love the red one Kirsty ;) As it happens, I need some business cards to reflect my new blog:, and I would be honoured if you could design them for me. I'll DM you my email addy via Twitter if that's OK xx

Pearl Maple said...

Gorgeous project, like the little details including the glass heart to maganify hope.

Anonymous said...

Ah-THATS what the wee gold crowns were for! Looks delishusly yumyum!
Love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Lesley said...

Glad you enjoyed Caroline's fabulous retreat Kirsty, it was lovely to spend the day in such great company and I can't wait for the next one in September. I loved your box of hope and I intend to do a similar one but much bigger to store my larger treasures. Thanks for the chocolates you brought, they were scrummy.
Lesley (the smutty one)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Kirsty, it's stationEry NOT stationAry sweetpea! (moan over!)


D@nielle said...

LOOOOVE that picture of you, belle and the pooch ! and the slippers sigh ....