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5 Apr 2011

Quick Broach Tuesday

LOL, if only Tuesdays were dedicated to making broaches - what a pretty word we would live in.

On Saturday, I made some fabric flowers for my Box of Hope class. Each student had a length of fabric of which only half was used. Jolanda decided to make an extra flower with her leftovers and I LOVED IT! Of course I have stolen her basic flower idea (but I'm not sure its the same flower, though) to make this one to share with you of which you shall use for your next broach making session. Just don't make one for Oprah - she has a passionate hatred for "pins" (as they are called in the USA)

I used my broach on a card, though. EASY flowers to make with just 6 x 2 inch circles of muslin, thread and spray ink!

See, easy flower with a pin wheel centre and a K&Co brad to top it off
I mean, its disgustingly cheap to make them and you can have one in every colour - even make fancy hair accoutrement's with them. Ill make a video tomorrow and show you how it came together.

Flowers are so pretty, I want to be a (long living) flower when I come back on this earth. And hopefully some little snot won't pick me, just for kicks and giggles.


Fiona said...

Very pretty brooch Kirsty, I will look forward to seeing the vid. As if I'd give one to Oprah, with all her money she'd have to bloody well buy it!
Some little snot has picked my neighbour's daffs.

Bettyann said...

oh goody goody a video..lovely pin/brooch..too bad so sad that Oprah doesnt like it xxx

Sue said...

Wow! Loving the flower. Looking forward to the vid.

I'm not keen on brooches on clothes, as they leave holes, but to put them on cards, well......:)

D@nielle said...

wow that blue broche is so cute and the color... swoon ....

Lisa-Jane said...

Can you point me to the video luvvie, those flowers look amazing!