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24 Apr 2011

Project complete

I took a class in Leeds the other week and Caroline Lovett shared a techniques experience with us. I knew I'd ultimately end up making this project as a gift for a friend. And as we had guests over tonight for a bbq, I put the finishing touches to it (complete with photos and my own extras) and gave it to my ex dorm mate, Carolyn. I haven't seen Carolyn for 16 years since I left the RAF and got married. We only recently hooked up on Facebook and I'm so glad we did. Our kids have things in common, namely ASD and muscle fatigue so we had nothing stopping the flow of conversation. Her children are just the most wonderful beings and both Carolyn and her husband Mark haven't changed a bit. Its so much easier to get along with your old time buddies when they haven't changed one incy wincy bit.

When I gave Carolyn this book she got a bit teary. I'm hoping to give her the craft bug with it and welcome her into a new world of stress relief!

I cant tell you what it means to me to be in touch with my oldest friends. **sigh**


Sue said...

Fabby. Not surprised your friend got teary.

Sue said...

Aww wonderful.