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12 Apr 2011


Well, I made a start. I feel exponentially smug about dragging my sewing machine out from the cavernous storage system in the utility room. I had been mentally dragging it out of there for weeks and now all I can do is dream about what magic I'm about to create with it. I had to give it a good old clean and thought about the day I bought it, almost 16 years ago. I left the RAF in 2006 when I fell pregnant with Ell's. It was at that time the government had announced they were looking for voluntary redundancies in the armed forces and, I was going to leave anyway with the baby, I opted for it and got it! The pay off was absolutely RUBBISH but I was leaving anyway. So with the little payout I got, I bought myself a sewing machine which has seen me run up scores of curtains, tote bags and odds and ends in the past 16 years. I'd love to make clothes and as part of my Fashion Design diploma, I'm not strictly assigned to make any......but it could come in handily, I suppose.

Today was beauts if not a little nippy with a baltic breeze. It made me all giddy until a migraine struck at precisely 1.15pm which meant dark room and a snooze. I wanted to share a phenomenon that happens after a migraine. No, I dont wake up wearing beautiful scarves that have magically wrapped themselves around my neck. LOL. No, its my eye colours. One seems to go greener than the other for about an hour - it also happens if I have been crying too. See my right eye (on the left of course, here)? Its so much greener than my left (on the right, here - of course!). You might have to click on it to enlarge it.
I also woke up to this - Hubby home from work, dog laid out in a slovenly fashion. Note the trusty remote control, never more than a whisker away from my husbands grip. LOL I soon shifted that little sausage's butt and took him for a rip roaring stroll up to the park for a sprint

It was his second walk today. I was feeling particularly energetic after that hideous migraine but also with a skip in my step as Ive had a changed of tack on dieting and have squished the Carb free diet in favour of Weight Watchers. I signed up on the online system as I want to try it on my own before going to a club. I'm especially looking forward to eating fruit again, that I can tell you for nothing.

I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow, on the train, to meet a friend for lunch and we are going to try and hunt down some Beatles haunts like Eleanor Rigby's bench, Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. Musn't forget the Cavern club and oh, my camera!

PS: If you go to the top left of this page and click Clear Out Corner, I have some stuff for sale - like, almost giving it away ;)


Cheryl said...

Poor you suffereing with migrains there is nothing worse, hope you have a lovely time in Liverpool and enjoy all the attractions x

Moira said...

I too get migraines.. so I wonder if it is the same after a migraine.. will have to check it out next time! I also get insomnia after a migraine.. I usually use that time to get crafty!

Love that you brought your sewing machine out. I bought one last year.. specifically to sew on paper. It will probably never see fabric! :)

Enjoy your day in Liverpool.

Sue said...

Migs are just the pits.

Had to smile at your hubby and dog:)

Have a fab time in Liverpool.

Kirsteen said...

Congrats on getting the sewing machine out. I am still at the dreaming of buying one stage :p I am doing WW online and love the new Pro Points system and eating fruit again!! Enjoy Liverpool x