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21 Apr 2011

Oooh sneaks - such rarity!

I haven't done scrappy sneaks for, like, evers and evers!
These are two of my submissions for The Scrapbook Magazine of which I was supposed to create one but ended up making two. Purely because I couldn't decide on the two and that's not because I think I'm clever. Its because I was working with papers I just couldn't work with. Double dutch, much?

Oh dear - I promised not to do anymore bunting but failed miserably. So sue me, why don't you?

In the end, I forced myself to use them and that needed concentration, will power and wine. And the result? Well, I just love them now. Heeeeee!

So - today?
Scorchio!!!! I took Belles for her Reiki healing. She was so up for it. The healer talked to Ellie in a way she could understand and asked her questions that Ellie couldn't know the answer to. She was so perfectly in-tune that the Reiki master must have thought this was NOT her first time. Encouraging, I thought. Ellie was absolutely drained at the end but soon bounced back, in time to go and watch Rio. Ugh, yawn. I was so bored watching it and normally I LOVE Disney films. I had other things on my mind today but I was happy to accompany her to see it as the poor thing has been blighted by the bright light during these BEAUTIFUL sunny days.

We got home to the smell of hot coals and sizzling steak on the barby! Hooray. Obvs the pic, below, is not steak. These are our famous veggy kebabs. Nothing like carbon-like, charcoal-ly, burned-to-a-crisp veggies to line your stomach, right? I always seem to taste the burned bits for a week.

And as he stood manly, arranging his sausages on the grill, Mark arranged for me to have a glass of wine as I watched part four of this weeks Britains Best Dish. I gotta say, I think the 14 year old lad will clinch the puds this week......yumsand he proudly showed me his prize buy of 85% dark chocolate that was bought JUST for me. I am so very lucky that he knows me so well.

I dressed for the occasion too. I had emails from facebookers/Twitters asking me where the skirt is from. Well, brace yourselves, kids - its from Asda. Yep! I'm the Momma who like to get her milk, DVD's and clothes in one shop. I love it so much, I'm going back to get the other two colourways. Its proper 1950's apron-like and flutey.
Its rare that Mark and I spend time drinking a glass of wine in each others company......let alone lounging in the back garden on our outdoor furniture. It was lovely. Just us, the pooch hunting for barby scraps, the setting sun and a slight breeze to cool us down.

And I got a bit squiffy too. Hic.

PS: I forgot to add pics from this weeks Britains Best Dish cook off between Helen Roscoe and I
Helens dish, on the left, was spectacular compared to my boring old (although tasty) pud. I was suprised I won my heat, if I am truthful. Helen and I had such a good day, between filming and I was gutted that her dish didn't make it because it truly was a work of art. Helen is coming over to ours at the end of May for a meal and Im glad we have kept in touch. **btw - how red was my hair on camera?**


Sandy Huntress said...

Ooooo, a girl after my own heart! I love to craft with a glass of wine close at hand. I often cook with wine, too. Sometimes I even put it in the food. Bwaha. :-)

You make me jealous, it hasn't warmed up quite enough here on the east coast of Massachusetts to cook outside, but soon, very soon.


Sue said...

Sounds like the perfect ending to a day.

Glad the Reiki went so well.

Heather said...

Aaah Abersoch ... one of the best beaches in Wales :) That looks to be a lovely LO Kirsty xx

Bettyann said...

lovely darling just lovely..glad the reiki session was good for Ellie...happy BBQing lol

Clare said...

your hair looked amazing, as did your pudding!!