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30 Apr 2011

Oh Wow!

I loved every single second of the wedding (ok - some of the hymm bits were boring but only because I wanted to watch THEM all the time). I had tears in my eyes as I revelled in a truly British day.

My fave bits? Well, the crowd cheering outside the church as they made their vows, all of Kate walking down the aisle, when William grabbed Kate's hand under the arches at Horse Guards Parade Square), little Grace holding her ears on the balcony and the kisses (TWO JUICY SMACKERS!).

Id heard a leak at 8am that the dress was a McQueen design (well, Sarah Burton at McQueen) so I knew there would be a great addition to the day. The only thing I was disappointed with was her dress had a gathered waist. I personally would have not designed that aspect (opting for no gather nor empire line) but I was super impressed by the boxed pleating on the train. She did look absolutely beautiful. I also loved that her bouquet had sweet william as well as traditional myrtle.

I felt a little uneasy on Eugenie's choice of Vivienne Westwoods apparel. I know Westwood is a wildcard (she is on my current Module of "ten of my favourite Fashion designers" on my diploma course). But come on Eugenie - it was a tad garish, next to your Aunty Ann whose frightful ensemble made me wish the wedding was in black and white.

I loved Victoria Beckhams outfit (well, more the hat) only wishing the woman would bloody smile. I also ADORED Tara Palmer Tompkinsons outfit too, her hat was magnificent. And as for the Queen? Bless her, all that yellow made her look like a little cute chick.

After the ceremony, my mum, Ellie and I had a tea party in my mums garden. We made bunting,as well as dainty finger sammiches (some with crusts - I like crusts!), cakes and cream scones.
I can't forget the Pimms nor the pink lemonade neither.

I noticed, that on my plate, a nut had landed on Kates hand. Therefore I shall call her engagement ring the "cashew nut" ring from now on. Wills will be called Egg Sammich head too. I hope the Queen doesn't read my blog, she will have me off to the tower for a proper beheading otherwise.

My girl and her dachsie cuddly which she had bound his ears with ceremonial ribbon

My Momma, in her tiara

It was a wonderful day and one that I hope Belles will NOT forget for years to come.

What did YOU do?


Sandie said...

Very posh indeed. xxx

'twas a lovely wedding for sure. Katet looked every bit the beautiful bride I knew she would. I just hope it works out better than the last 2 royal weddings I watched :S

Sandie said...



Anonymous said...

Dianna would have been so proud of her boy. Kate's dress was a little understated I must admit,but it was very Grace Kelly :)

Sue said...

What a lovely time you had.

I loved the top part of Kate's dress. Adored Pippa's dress. Loved the little posy and thought it a lovely touch to include Sweet Williams.

Some of the hats were to say the least OTT:)

Colette said...

Kate looked stunning and her dress was I think more complex in its design than most people realise. It was simple but every detail was exquisitely thought through. Including the waist which wasn't gathered but pleated. I thought this was necessary to create the volume needed for the drama of a Cathedral wedding and for the train to look proportioned. It also ascentuated Kates enviably tiny waist! Would have liked a higher veil and bigger tiara though!

Colette x.

pmk said...

Your day looks amazing Kirsty! I'm very envious of the dainty sandwiches and cream scones. The girls and I watched most of it because our youngest has been doing a project at school about it. We had a fab time spotting everything on her checklist!

Debo said...

We enjoyed the whole day and celebrated all day at home.(I had to record it for my dd who is now only 2 weeks from home!!!)

We started with Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (and Bucks Fizz) for breakfast, wearing my tiara with my pyjamas! Then for lunch we had cucumber sandwiches and regal cupcakes - I found Union flag icing 'toppers' in Hobbycraft, and blue-with-white-spots cake cases, which looked wonderfully patriotic on my red-and-white cake stand (same as yours!)

I thought she looked stunning and I think they struck just the right balance - enough pomp and ceremony for a royal wedding but still managing to keep their feet on the ground and show awareness of the fact that the whole country has had to tighten their belts. They looked totally relaxed and natural together and I wish them ALL the very best for a long and happy mariage!

Anonymous said...

I worked-and it was deathly quiet.........yey!
Love to the patriotic Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Julie M said...

What a lovely day you had. Yummy food - especially the scones - my favourite teatime treat.

I spent the whole day in front of the TV - my daughter (16) sat with me - she had been a bit non-committal about it all week, but I still dragged her out of bed before 9am (shock - during holidays!) and, as I thought, she ended up just as enthralled as I was!!

LOVED Kate's dress and veil - and I also loved Camilla's and Carole M's ensembles - gorgeous colours. Pippa's dress I wasn't so keen on - it was so tight she had some difficulty walking!!

Julie :o)

Fiona said...

I loved it all. (apart from Beatrice who looked a mess with Medusa on her head)
I thought the dress and tiara were perfect, the bouquet with Sweet Williams and Lily of the Valley was delightful and I thought the whole thing was understated (for a royal wedding!) and they had judged it just right.
Have come to the conclusion that VB looks so miserable all the time because she will wear those ridiculous Leboutin's and her bunions must be killing her!

Your scones look delish Kirsty.

cla16e said...

Well I LOVED the day too and my favourite bestest bit was it all..... I loved the cheering also outside Westminster abbey because I was there & cheered by heart out along with my other half and my kids!!! We loved the fact that they could hear us inside Westminster abbey. It was well worth the aching feet/ legs/ back waiting outside the abbey just to see them in the flesh. It was the first time any of us have seen the royals so a mega double whammy that it was on such a lovely day.
We listened to the ceremony thro loud speakers and it was so emotional. Then to see them in the carriages afterwards was fantastic.
We headed off to follow the crowd to buckinham palace to see "the kiss" and it didn't disapoint!! Well neither did.
Ooooh I could go on forever because I loved the whole day & the atmosphere was unbelievable, it made me proud to be british!! Some people have made negative comments about us making the long journey to London and I did have second thoughts but now I'm here & seen what I've seen I don't regret a second of it.
My kids (& me) will remember the day for the rest of there lives and will be able to say to there grandkids that they were there outside Westminster abbey!!

Well I can't wait to get home & watch it all on the television & try to see if we've made it onto the screen.

sarah said...

your recounting of this day is HILARIOUS. i haven't seen eugenie's outfit or the aunt's (indeed, i don't even know who they are!) but i'll find them straight away! :)