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11 Apr 2011

little touches

I'm slowly turning our hallway into an aladdins cave. I can't help it. I guess I'm turning it into some sort of shop that you can't buy anything from. I think what I'm trying to say is, that, whenever I go into a shop and just look and touch and go "ooooh" - that's what I want my hallway to be like. Something to look forward going home to.

I've filled it with hearts and trinkets and treasures and I feel no danger of going over the the top. I will admit that its looking fit to burst right now but there is always room for something really tiny in some nook or cranny.

New in my hoard is the Love Nest that I made. Basically I bought a nest (hello? It's Easter - shops are rammed with them) and used one of my decorative hearts. I have a thing about nests and eggs but the egg I had looked RIDIC..........the heart looks so much better.

Then there is my array of photos on the wall. new addition is the Eiffel tower hanging off the picture of Bells and I at Sacre Couer.

Then there is the heart on my twiggy wreath and my hanging "love" word on my chair which houses the typewriter. I love this corner so much....its my fave spot to come and sit and just look when I'm in a foul mood. Cheers me up, it does.

I've YET to make the curtains for this hallway. Ive had the fabric nigh on 18 months...... I just have to get them done. I **could** do them this week as I have to sew a mini calico and felt book tomorrow, so who knows how my sewing mojo will escalate. Im reckoning Mark will sing hallelujah from the rooftops if I get them done.

Lastly this is the card I made for my parent anniversary.
They have been married 42 years today.....gawd bless 'em.

Gotta fly, Mark so kindly booked HIS car in the garage for 8.30am which I HAVE TO TAKE IN. I wish he had of booked it in at midday.......moan moan moan.


Kirsteen said...

These displays make me smile too - this is what I want to create in my hall - if only it were bigger than 2 inches wide! :p Can I ask where you bought your lamp wall dec? It is gorge! xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Kirsteen, you will die but it only cost me £2.99 from a shop called Home Bargains. They also do chandeliers too!

Sue said...

Loving all the things in your hallway.

Hope you get the curtains done.

Anonymous said...

Lovely but I hate dusting!! Wouldnt cope with having to constantly move it all every few days or so to keep it all sparkling! Well done on being such a good housewife then I guess!!

Kirsteen said...

Oh me oh my, I have indeed died and gone to pretties heaven. Even more so now that I've google Home Bargains and found one within a 10 mile radious!! I got a feeling I'll be going there soonish :) Thanks chick x

Debo said...

ooh! apparently I've got a Home Bargains store 14 miles away! I didn't realise that there was one so close!

Your hall looks VERY inviting - and I wouldn't worry about dust, they do say 'an immaculate house is the sign of a wasted life/or a dull woman.' Don't think either apply to you!

Paper Paradise said...

I have to say all the 'bits and pieces' look FAB!!!!! Very classy and real interesting too. You have a creative flair definately. Sue x