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19 Apr 2011

Little blue.

Mark used to call Belles "Baby Blue" when she was a dinky little tiddler in his arms. I don't know why, he just did. And yesterday, when we collected her super posh (and bloody expensive) new specs, all I wanted to do is call her little blue. She likes them, she says its like living under water!

As the sun went down tonight, I knew it would be fun to get together for some new pics of Belles and I. It is so RARE to have pics taken together but tonight was perfect as it was still light at 7.45pm and light enough for her to not hate the sun. We are both in our jammers here, too. Oh and watch out, in this series of photos, where one jealous little boy wanted to join in! He is such a toad!

So here she is - little blue.

So I go and snuggle her close but................

This fellow, below, makes a sudden appearance.
And he is like "I want a smooch with my girls, too"

Here is goes, in for a massive pucker-up

Obvs the tongue makes its usual debut.

And a major lick ensues.

Then he remembers "aha - Momma's turn"

And licks me within an inch of my life
And it lasts for another 5 minutes before we are proper soggy and need to breathe sweet air instead of doggy pong licky yak.


Martha Richardson said...

These pic's are so precious...lil' blue belle is looking mighty spiffy ;)

beksynormz said...

Gorgeous photos hun xxxx and your hair is looking fab! xxx

Sue said...

Fab glasses. I have orange ones.

Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Hope the new glasses are a hit and she will enjoy wearing them. Not being rude but please be careful about a dog licking faces - a friend of ours is now seriously ill and needs 24 hr a day nursing [ not care assistant but qualified nursing care]due to an infection picked up through an oh so similar experience - allowing the dog to kiss her for photos ! those photos and the dog are long gone and she is left paralised , almost blind ,on a ventilator and with not one single thing she can do for herself due to an infection carried by dogs in their waste and transferred to her during a photo session like this one. Might sound dramatic but oh so true.

Anonymous said...


Please will you Youtube your BBD episode. Unfortunately some of us are not in the UK and are unable to watch in on iplayer. Please, please!!


Lovely new specs, very trendy!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Gorg set of pics chickadee! Belles looks tres chic indeed in her new tinted glasses xx