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26 Apr 2011

Life in snapshots

I love my iPhone but the big niggle I have about it is the crappy camera. I swear if it wasn't for instagram, Id chuck the bugger in the bin.

Here are some pics from the last few days, I thought I'd share them with you

Ellie, from my passenger seat sun visor mirror. I love that the sunset is glowing next to her head.

Dead dandelions - a whole graveyard of them about right now. This one wasn't the blowy kind, though.

Ellie and I on Easter Sunday. I'm obsessed with this kid.

Mark and the pooch on one of our many country walks

And Belles, today - practicing her Royal wedding hat wear-age. WE are going to re-invest our Union Jack stuff for the Diamond Jubilee, next year. I'm super super super excited about hat. Good old Liz, ey? ;)
Finally, I have a video over here to share with basic Aquamarker techniques for you to see


Michelle said...

Gr8 pics! LOVE the hat!!!

Sally-Jo said...

Hello kirsty, Fabulous hat for the event of the year!! Thank you for more 'Aqua Marker' tips, you can get so much from just a few pens, though i need some more!! ;-)

Jenny said...

That is one AWESOME hat! I agree, it's great they are getting married and sharing it with the world. And I'm grateful for the extra bank holiday we're getting! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad the little one is enjoying the fun. Can remember being at primary school myself and being thrilled about Royal Wedding fever of the day! they love drawing pictures and dressing up etc dont they! Amazed , but great that you can get your little girl to sit in the back of the car- they seem to want the front seat most of the time dont they!!

Sue said...

Fab photos.