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28 Apr 2011

I Love Mario

Those who know me know that I love everything that Mario Testino does and this photo is, without question, another one of his best. What I do love about it is the natural smiles on their faces. When Charles and Di had their official pre-wedding pictures taken, their faces were so stunted, it was untrue. But here? Well, you just can't beat natural laughter.

Congratulations Wills and Kate - I'll be waving my flag like crazy tomorrow morning.

I am so so excited! Can't you tell?


Sam said...
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Sam said...

I love the fact that the photo is so natural and you don't get distracted by what they're wearing. It allows you to focus on their facial features which are lovely.

I will be celebrating tomorrow and will raise a glass of bubbly to the couple :)

Fiona said...

Isn't it a fab photo? He just has the knack of capturing the essence of the person. Simple but stunning.

The bunting's up and the bolly's chilling and have just been watching Will's walkabout this evening in the Mall. Wouldn't his Mum have been proud. Am v. excited too. Enjoy it!