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25 Apr 2011

I am royally excited!

I am a pure Royalist so you can imagine that this weeks coming proceedings will be the highlight of the year for me and Belles (but not Mark, he is not interested at all!). We have planned an afternoon tea with bunting and flags with cake stands rammed with delicious bites as well. I don't apologise for such actions - I'm all for pomp and ceremony.

I cannot understand the minority of people who say we should get rid of them. But why should we? Their history formed the backbone of this country with great kings and queens leading battles and conquesting glory for CENTURIES. The modern man who poo-poo's their existence clearly hasn't grasped what they are about and can't possibly think they can overthrow hundreds of years worth of sovereign rule over a republic state - for starters nobody would wear a fancy crown and sparkly jewels! There would be no pride or tourism if Cameron headed all we stand for. Bluergh, shakes head at the thought. And as for the media claiming they are spongers? Huh, they are proper nay-sayers; filling column inches with "non articles" just to ruffle a few readers feathers. Gah, it makes me mad.

This will be the fourth royal wedding since I was born although I don't remember Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. I adored Prince Charles and Lady Di's wedding (even if he was in love with someone else when he got married) and I enjoyed Prince Andrews and Sarah Fergusons wedding. I know all of theirs ended in divorce but I truly believe that Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding is true love. After all they have been together a LOOOOONG time and they seem so down to earth. I so want Ellie to be swayed by the romanticism of this day without the drawl of slobbering anarchists and political activists spoiling the party.

If you are after some souvenirs,
I can recommend this shop in Chepstow who has Emma Bridgwater mugs marking the event - just call them to see if they have any left

And for fun, check out these daft tacky-fest oddballs. So even if people are not a royalist, someone, somewhere is laughing all the way to the bank!

T shirts - millions of them. Im just going to wear a a skirt, a top and a paper crown!

Ooooh earrings - mad!
A caffitiere warmer - how novel.

An invitation necklace that you will with our own name.


Its postman pat and Crystal Tips

Huh, its not just a wedding.....its history!

Love these!

This is stunning! Its made from domino's and costs $2,500 on Etsy

A vanity case, of course
Meerkat Wills and Kate


A commemorative compact mirror
Felt dollies
someone is going to be pissed when they realise that its meant to be a W and not an M.....duh!

Happy souvenir hunting x


Sue said...

LOL some of those are brill. I almost bought daughter a T shirt from Tesco that said "Marry Me Instead" :)

Jayne C said...

Just BRILL!!!!!! xxxx

*reyanna klein* said...


No comment? LOL. Those souvenirs are... umm... interesting. LOL. :-p

Maz said...

Someone is doing souvenir sick bags too...random!

Fiona said...

Hear hear Kirsty I am excited too and agree with everything you say -apart from 'Bleurgh' about Cameron. (A lot less bleurgh than Miliband or Brown in my opinion) But politics aside, I'm so looking forward to it and have got my bunting and Bolly at the ready. Have seen every one since Princess Anne's, which we got a colour telly especially for!
Btw, sensational photo's in previous post.

Martha Richardson said...

Have I told you how much I love your posts...I look forward to them they either make me laugh hysterically or get hungry or cry!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is waiting in the wings and preparing their media story? wonder who they will end up with in a few years time?

Handmade Hannah said...

These are so funny! I have a poster that reads 'What would Kate do?' which tickles me! I remember going to a wedding party for Fergie and Andrew's wedding when I was at school. I still have the commemorative mug - it lasted longer than their marriage which was unexpected! :)

Trish said...

Right on sister! I am so fed up with people moaning about the Royal Wedding. Can't they see that a Wedding is supposed to be something to celebrate. I'm with you that they look so in love and happy. I can't wait until Friday. We have a celebration planned and we are going to wear our posh frocks AND tiaras thank you very much (Husband is like your Mark unfortunately and will probably sit in another room and refuse to join in) but what the hell. My two daughters are as excited as me, after all this is History that we are witnessing. Now I appreciate that everyone is entitled to be a grumpy so and so but really... Lighten up people and try and celebrate something good for a change. Hope you enjoy your party on Friday Kirsty. X

Sarah said...

Ohhh I am sooooo glad there is another soul out there that feels as I do!!! I cannot wait for Friday!!! I too am having a joint party at my Bro's house and I'm making the bunting and themed cuppy cakes and I've bought posh paper plates and cake stands!!! My daughter is very excited!! I love all the royal wedding bits that are around at mo!! Enjoy xx

Anonymous said...

I'm having a tea party too Kirsty. I've made my paper bunting from your lovely yummi cd.. so cool..
I'm spending the day with my mom as my three sons and hubby just don't get it. They will scoff the food though no doubt..
Love Britain and our wonderful pomp... Nobody else does it quite like us. x

Colette said...

I am not a Royalist, although I don't have a problem with them. I would never buy a souvenir, too tacky!! I will be watching to see what Kate wears though. She is very pretty, I just hope she doesn't play too safe with the dress. She is too young to be soooo conservative. I know she can't be too flashy but there should be a happy medium. She is so much prettier and genuine than Diana was (sorry Diana fans). Good luck to them I hope they will be very happy,


Sue said...

Love the Meerkats and the Kate loves Willy;)

I hope they'll be happy.

jknapp00 said...

You forgot Prince Edward and his lovely Sophie! I can't wait to see all of the wedding fanfare this week and I love the idea of having a tea, but it will be on a 4:00 in the morning here. I'm not sure I can still stay up all night to watch...

Dawny P said...

I agree Kirsty (the Cameron bit apart but that’s just IMHO natch) . With all the bad stuff going on in the world today, doesn't it make a change to have something NICE to look forward to? It’s a bit of escapism from all the doom and gloom and it brings people together. Kyla is so excited by it all and they have been talking about it in school. Love the souvenirs and I guess some are a tad on the tacky side but it all adds to the fun I think. They seem a very nice and grounded couple and I think they will stay the course these 2, I really do. We have relatives that are actually going and I am sooo jealous and can’t wait to hear the lowdown on it all – woohooo!!! Fab pics of Belle btw – as always – and hope you are all OK xxx

Helen Anderson said...

I'm with you kid, bring on the celebrations whoop whoop!! Your souvenir line-up is brilliant. Did you see the one that had Harry's name on instead of Wills? Bet someone got the sack for that booboo!

Hope you and Belles enjoy the day as much as I will (on my own, OH is a miserable git when it comes to pomp and ceremony) :) xx.

Debo said...

Yay! I'm excited too! I saw a t-shirt that said 'It should have been me!' which my daughter would have loved but she's travelling through America at the mo (she has asked me to record the wedding for her - maybe should could wear it when she watches the repeat)

The royals and our history bring in many many tourists - it's what makes our country special! Anyone who's travelled or met people from abroad will know how much we are envied for our royal family, why would we want to get rid of them? The world is becoming homogonized enough as it is, we should embrace and celebrate our USP!!!!

Get those flags waving!!!!!!