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14 Apr 2011

A day in the city

I forget how much fun Liverpool is.
Its sprawling with massive shops and the typical scouse glam boutiques where bargains are to be had in their gazillions. But that wasn't my main hit for the day. Cos I went to meet Sue and her delightful daughter, Lizzie, who were visiting from Jersey.

We were going to hunt down some Beatles haunts and do some geocaching but as the morning petered out, we just ended up doing a slight Beatles nostalgia tour of the Cavern Club and my daughters namessake bench of Eleanor Rigby. Eleanor Rigby, next to Get Back are my fave ever Beatles songs - ever ever ever. The haunting melody of Eleanor Rigby never bores me and here she is, set in bronze.

Please listen to this song, its just gorgeous!

Afterwards, we went shopping. YURKS!
I asked Lizzie what kind of things she liked and basically it boiled down to "not much" and "definitely no skirts or maxi dresses". NO WAY was she going to try on Gladiator sandals etc etc. I asked her why she wouldn't wear those things; they are all the trend right now. I even had to go to great lengths to tell her I'm studying fashion design when slowly, the hints melted into her psyche and within an hour (and Sue will back me up here) she was trying on gladiator sandals and Maxi skirts and dresses along with denim sleeveless jackets and goodness what else. This DELIGHTFUL street kid turned into a young lady in a few hours and boy did we have fun rummaging through racks and racks of potential new fashion. I never get this opportunity with Ellie as she is NOT interested in clothes whatsoever and also, we do have a nightmare getting clothes to fit her, to suit her age range.

I wanted to take some pictures for Sue as a gift but the light was grotty today which meant the best kind of pictures were where "one looks up"....this throws a ton of light in the eyes and on the face - a perfect way to take pictures on a gloomy day.
So thank you to Sue for allowing me to steal her daughter for a Trinny and Suzannah style makeover.

I was trying to be good with my eating plan today, too, until we found the Red Hot Buffet in Liverpool One. Oh my, have you been? Basically, its an all you can eat heart attack, if you catch my drift. YEEPS! I did, in my defence, have some salad and veg with diet coke to add some sensibility into it.... lol. And besides, I was in Merseyside and not Lancashire - so therefore Pro Point excess activity is nil and void if not in the same county!

Great day for everyone including me buying a pair of Boots, a scarf (again!), socks and three books for this weekends shenanigans.


Sue said...

Glad you had a such a fab time.

Lizzie said...

It was an amazing day and thanks for coming