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18 Apr 2011


We have just returned from a weekend in Wales, picking up Belles along the way. It was a tonic and a half complete with a tan to boot. My face hasn't truly seen the sun since 2008 as I work in a windowless office and the fact we haven't had a "proper" holiday since then. I had factor 30 on my mush and still got some colour - safely, I may add (unlike my was-pasty-white-legs.....that are now a shade of blush!)

We ate lots of yummy meals like this - outdoors, my fave thing to do ever

And I got sozzled on a lot of this (and believe me, I rarely "drink" - I think I had two bottles over three nights and that usually my quota for a YEAR).

I think we would have stayed in wales longer had it not been for a heart scan that Ellie was due today. Ive been chewing my nails for weeks over it, if I am honest. The scan was just to check up on her mitric valve and to see if it had stabilised.....which it seems to, thankfully. It has to be monitored and I'm happy to say its going to be another two years before she is due another check up. The less I have to worry, the more time I have to enjoy just adoring her.

I have a few nice pictures to share but in the meantime - guess what? I have more polymer clings in stock......


Bettyann said...

glad all is well with heart scan...lovelies !!!

Sue said...

Glad you had a nice time in Wales. Had many happy childhood hols there.

So pleased the scan was ok.

Miami cataract surgery said...

I can't wait for summer to get some tan and go to seaside and walk on the shore to feel the breeze, I also need a vacation, it's been a while since the last one.