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14 Apr 2011

A Card and a Layout

Ive been super busy this week with behind the scenes stuff for Letraset. It includes this layout and a card for something v special. I get all too aware of doing public layouts with just Ellie on or things about me. I think diversity is key, so I had the pick of two families. One was my friends I chose was Maz, whose layout I can share at a late date. And then there is my super duper momma-of-four friend, Steph Howell. I only spent 4 days with Steph in Cali in 2009 at CHA with the Studio Calico team but in that short time we got along really well. Mainly from childish laughter and ridiculous antics that befits a 12 year old. I am obsessed with reading about her incredibly cute girls and how she is bringing up 4 tiddlers under 5. AMAZING.
Do you LOVE that chipboard piece? You can get them from this BEAUTS shop here)

I hope she likes this layout, it is about to go world famous on packaging for a fantastic Letraset product that I have just been introduced to. Put it this way, the product helps adhere the most faffy fanackety finicketiest of things to pages without wet glue squishing out of the sides or excessive runner tape poking from here and there and everywhere.

I did this layout for another product using my Ellie but who wants to see Ellie on EVERY SINGLY product by Letraset? I mean, I would love it but its not fair, is it? So I thought it would be fun to share the love.
And here is a card made with the left overs.

Finally....................... I wanted to add my new solution to a usual, daily dilemma. I try and carry my monster 5d with me wherever I can but I don't have any nice bags to carry it around in. This is what I like to carry around but usually its minus the camera in favour of my pocket Canon Ixus.

Then, yesterday, I saw this bag for £3, YES........ THREE STINKING POUNDS!

and it fits it all in with room to rummage

I feel pretty bloody chuffed with myself, if I am honest.


Julia said...

Fab bag bargain! Where do I get one??! Really love the page and lo, such bright fun colours x

Sue said...

Fab bag and what a bargain.

Love the LO and card.

Thanks for popping into my blog. I appreciate that we can't blog hop as often as we'd like.

You commented on my pooches, but I only have one. Song the Greyhound is mine. Maggie is my dad's Staffie. the other dogs on my blog are my Followers dogs.

Debo said...

Love the LO - those girls are gorgeous!

Where is the red-rose-ribbon from? Is it Tim Holtz (dyed) or is it available on it's own, by the mile!!

Brill bag too!

Helen Anderson said...

Fantastic layout Kirsty, really vibrant. Love the rose ribbon!

Hels x