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24 Apr 2011

Are we in August?

I seriously never remembered such searing temperatures in April before - ever, in my life (and I am a woman of the world!). Obvs I'm not complaining, of courses. It's just that my poor little lady can't deal with it so well and spends the time indoors, in the shade.

Well, I broke the mold today and whipped her up to Skitters Wood to enjoy a little of what the bluebells enjoy and that's dappled shade. She needed to get out and although she didn't want to, initially, she was glad that we did because it meant she could pick up sticks and pick weedy flowers and enjoy the fresh air. And as Bluebells peaked this weekend, I thought we would grab the last chance for a few pictures before they wither away until next spring.

Isn't she a doll?

She loves picking for sticks, flowers, weeds - just picking, picking, picking!

And this picture is so her.

I like to remind people that asking your kids to smile for a photo just isn't natural. It's so much more candid to take pictures of them looking away or sat wondering and thinking ...... your kids don't have permanent grins on their faces so pictures like this are more or less what you see when you are observing them. Although, when you can, it's such a great opportunity to snap a photo of them laughing spontaneously (and without them knowing you are shoving a camera in their mushes!!!).

When Belles had gone to her sleepover this afternoon, I faffed around taking pictures of some bluebells that belles had picked for Amy (her sleepover buddy) and Me.and an undershot of this little beauty, here.

There was no reason to take the pics other than to just play with light.

And there is lots of it to spare right now!


Bettyann said...

Enjoy the fine weather..lovely shots of miss Belle..

Louise said...

Great photos Kirsty...i agree a natural shot is much more real x

hello gorgeous said...

I LOVE THE UNDERSHOT!!! You get so much more sometimes when you do that....gorgeous!!!!!


hello gorgeous xxx

Michelle said...

Gr8 pics :)

Sue said...

Fabby photos.

Anonymous said...

lovely! Didnt know they started sleepovers at such an age nowadays! Seems to be a craze for the very young now rather than the mid to late teens maybe?

Bernice said...

I particularly like the b&w photo

Anonymous said...

that top pic is AWSUMLY fine!
love to the gorgeous curlygirl
Lulubelle x

ginny c said...

beautiful pics of belle. hugs ginny