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22 Mar 2011

A yorks hideaway

I went away this weekend, just for some "me" time.

Normally weekends are spent as a visit to parents or a working weekend or a day out with my family but this weekend was just for me. My friend Rosie joined me for the last leg of her journey which took us an hour away from my home - who would have thought an hour away from home would give you panoramic views of both the Yorks dales and the Lakes with hardly anything to spoil the scene?

We joined Roz and Janet around this humongous table in the upper section of a converted barn. Open plan, VERY light (even though this pic was taken at dusk) yet super cosy.

I had NO intention of scrapping as I hadn't brought any photos but did think that, if I really wanted to, I could have scrapped without piccies. I brought all my kit leftovers from Studio Calico and Scrapagogo and worked with nothing but. It amazing how many leftovers you can collate in a 4 year period. I have enough leftovers to last me forever and I'm deadly serious.

This is some of what I worked on

and this is what 4 girls do on a huge rock, in the middle of a piece of open, barren land

in jammies, I may add

Going up these steps, in wellies, was not hilarious

And when you come across a grouse, do you ask if it is famous? (think about it)

And see how we acted like kids for a few moments?

And here is some of the food we made/ate

And here is the coolest welly-remover

Aside from all the fun, cooking, jokes, DVD's, music, food etc......when you are away from it all, you also take stock of your life. You take stock of the ones you love, the things you do and about who you are. This is what I came up with:
  • Have decided I hate red hair and am going chocolate brown (Of course it had to be a chocolate shade).
  • I have also decided that scrapping isn't my number one hobby anymore although it nestles amongst one of many things to do including, but not limited to......inking, altered art, painting and digi art. I think that it has been, somewhat, strangulating me. If I get my head around that I don't HAVE to scrapbook, then I'm more likely feeling I WANT to scrapbook instead. Does that make sensio? Of course I love it with all of my heart but there are too many things I want to do in addition to it, you know?
  • I must do more stuff with Ellie. We do a LOT but I want to do more.
  • I also must fall back in love with my DSLR. All my recent photos have been using my lovely and handy and LIGHT Canon Ixus 80is but now the lighter days are here, its time to dust off the 5D.
  • I must get back on my eating plan. I came off at the end of Jan and its been on/off since.
  • I must walk the dog more often - lighter nights say I can enjoy it more and drier floors alo means no wet bellies for him
  • I must watch more DVD's. I have lost the habit of sitting and watching a movie. I often forget to switch off.
  • I must get out more, even if to go and browse, look or investigate.
  • I must get in touch with people more often. Facebooking is NOT being in touch. Its ridiculous how much that bloody thing annoys me in so many ways and yet a great way of indicating "I'm there", you know? Phones are for reaching out, showing emotion and affection - indicating you have time for that special someone. Facebooking is a cop out in many respects to those you hold dear. So my dear friends, keep your phones close x
I left with a heavy heart on Monday morning knowing the light would be left for others to enjoy around that massive table and waving goodbye to lovely friends but safe in the knowledge that my guys were back home, missing me. On the way back, though, Cosie Rosie and I detoured off J26 of the M6 (two stops from home) to go to a craft shop. Pooey, it was closed so where better to get a fix other than a charity shop. Thrifting is the new black, in my book! I amaze myself at the sheer bargains that people no longer want and I grabbed this top from Whistles (hello?!!) for a stinky cheap fiver. Only it is going to be turned into a skirt.

So it did rather "top" my weekend off, if you pardon the pun.


Fiona said...

What a lovely newsy post Kirsty. Glad your weekend went well and you enjoyed yourself. Photo's are fab btw, (as usual) and the grub looks amazing.
Fancy finding Whistles in a charity shop,well done you. Round here it's all Primarni!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kirsty, oh how I envy you your wonderful Yorkshire 'me time'. Love that part of the country anyway and your photographs are terrific. The food looks so good it must be bad for your waistline. There's nothing like time out to give you time to think! Great charity find - lovely fabric. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Elizabeth x

Debo said...

Oh what a lovely time you look like you are all having!

And what a beautiful location - did you rent it through someone? Would love to have details if so..

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and what's really important can suddenly become obvious. It's just having (or making) the time to do exactly that.

And, yep, I'd recently (after a couple of funerals!) realised that people, be it family or friends, are actually the most important thing in life, and it's too late too make the time to visit them when they're in their coffin! Sorry if that sounds morbid - I actually mean it in a positive way!

Anonymous said...

You're a fortunate girl to have such good friends to do such nice crafty things with. Count your blessings :)

Crafty Helen said...

It looks like you all had a blast Kirsty! What a great idea to just get away for a while and re-energise. Great photos as usual ;). Thank you for sharing xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

We had a ball didn't we? Great to see you again my dear friend. FB can't replace those laughs can they?

See you all again soon.

Luvs ya!

Cosie Rosie

Anonymous said...

oh well it seems you enjoyed it all. Didnt see your daughter in the pictures though was she taking them for you maybe? Hope she enjoyed it too and is doing well after her minor op etc? Hiding behind a computer screen on Fb is a waste of time precious time you can be out abd about meeting with your daughter and her friends and so on too. Enjoy!

Sue said...

What a fabby time you had and you deserved it. We all deserve a little 'me' time now and then.

That top is lovely and will make a fab skirt.

Luckily my PC doesn't like FB.

Fiona said...

Great photos - looks an amazing place. Just out of interest what craft shop is off J26??? I have family at J27!!!!! x

Jennifer Scull said...

what a fun time it looks like you had! your pix had me grinning all the way through!
I say with great pride that I don't 'do' FB. I leave that to hubby and my sons.... I don't think I am all that interesting anyhow.... tee hee!

so glad you had a chance to get a bit introspective, too. that is important every once in a while, but not too often as we want to remember to enjoy life also and not always be serious. find the people who are important to you and then hang on to them. let go of the ones who bring you down or are toxic to you.

have a wonderful week as you put into effect some of your new insights! :)

Sally-JO said...

Glad you had a great time, what a fantastic plan you have made for yourself!

fionalawlor said...

This looks like a whole lotta fun was had!! *jealous* lol

Heather said...

Hi Kirsty. A great post about your weekend getaway. It looks like you all had a fab time :))
Live for today & tomorrow can take care of itself xx

Debo said...

Just because you spend a weekend with your friends does not mean that you neglect your children! The time you spend with them afterwards is much more better - for all concerned - as a result!

(Sorry, this is aimed at the 2nd anonymous poster on here!)

Roz said...

Just catching up with your blog, those pics are great, we did have a fun weekend, and getting away from the kids/family and having girly time was great, something all of don't do often enough, so pooooo poo poo to the anonymous poster. Can't wait to organise another one for us all soon x

D@nielle said...

aaaaah so that's why you couldn't join us, looks like you had a great weekend away yourself !