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6 Mar 2011

Well, that was short lived

Oh Bum.

Whilst I won my heat at Britain's Best Dish, I wasn't picked out of the final four puds (down to the final two) in our region.

Obviously one of my currants, in my dish, was contaminated and clouded the judges decision! Those damn greek currants, I knew they would fail me.

And all I wanted to do was have a little cook-off in the Savoy and nick a plate as a souvenir as part of the shows running. But where god closes a door, he opens the huge french windows so that these next few weeks, I can concentrate on a job interview, Belles recuperation, the GoGo retreat and a weekend away with the girls on the Yorks Dales. Plus my commitments to Letraset et al

On a more crafty note, I spent the day teaching at the Bromsgrove crop. It was a huge gathering of scrappers who partook in a double layout class, a canvas class and an altered bird class. I have never been made to feel more welcome - I LOVED IT!

One lady, called Bernice, shared with me her projects from the recent Tim Holtz UK tour. They are amazing things to look at, truly. Ive got pictures to share but as its sooooooo late and Ive been busy with lots of other stuff today, I show them tomorrow. Including some more ProMarker techniques.


Anonymous said...

Oh bum!!! :-D Does that mean you'll share the recipe now though? LOL. Pleased Belle is feeling better - you go girl. ((hug)) Jude.x

Bettyann said...

Oh well..glad you got as far as you did...glad Belle is getting better and that you are going to be very busy with some fun stuff this lil bug is coming for a visit on wednesday for a so excited !!!! have a great week..

Anonymous said...

glad you are so happy and as ever have plenty to do. The job interview sounds interesting. I understood you were a student and carer atm. Hope the interview goes well whatever it is for. BTW God will guide you if you ask Him to. He wont lead unless you ask to follow and trust in Him. just ask

Sue said...

Shame about not going any further.

Hope you aren't too busy and that you enjoy your time away.

Clare said...

It's their loss!! I would have picked yours! C x

Angela Weimer said...

Oh what a bummer. Their loss...Glad Belle is doing better, Good luck with the interview. Have a good week. Angela

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Sarah said...

shame about the competition... but thank you for the lovely classes at the Bromsgrove crop, i really enjoyed it, and you are just so friendly, thanks for coming to see us

humel said...

Bum indeed. Shame to employ judges with no sense of taste, huh? God luck with the interview, and hope Belle is much better now xx