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1 Mar 2011

Taste testing

Tonight I hosted a little get together of the people I have come to love and trust in my area. New and old friends, Mum and my own family were invited to taste my dish, for which I will be making in round one at ITV's Britains Best Dish on Friday.

Here is said dish. Spiced fruit swirl with cinnamon custard (obv custardless at this point)

Its weird but in all the 8 years we have been here, we have never had a social gathering like this and this was significantly obvious due to the lack of plates we had to go around. Thankfully our lovely neighbour, Jennie, obliged us with spares and the day was saved.

here are my lovely taste testers (no dead yet, I didn't kill them.....surely that's a good thing?)
Jennie, Heather and Louisa

L-R: Mum, Beth and Shazzer

I want to dedicate this blog post to them for being such supportive friends and family. Poor Mazzer was stuck in hideous traffic en route and sat in a jam for two hours and never made it - she was sorely missed.

I wanted to add a pic of one of the 6 cup cakes that Shazzer made - isnt it a work of art?

Tomorrow Belle goes in for her operation. Its only a small biopsy but requires a general (which as a parent, is a big thing to have on your conscience when you have to sign forms outlining the risks). My girl is my world, my love and my light and I will always worry about her because, well, that's what mummies do.

I'll let you know how she gets on tomorrow. Your emails and facebook messages have been incredibly supportive xx


Crafty Helen said...

You should definitely win Kirsty - it looks delish!
Sending a great big hug and much love to you and your lovely Belle for tomorrow - will be thinking of you all x

Martha Richardson said...

I could have been a taster as I'm a Foods teacher here...looks yummy! I will keep Belle in my thoughts tomorrow...hang in there Kirsty, as hard as it might be!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks delish - bit like a posh bread and butter pudding? :-) Good luck for the show, do you know when you'll be on? Do we have to wait 'til you are on for the recipe? lol
Luv for Belle for the op and (((hugs))) for you and Mark. Let us know how it went, when you can. Jude.x

Sue said...

Your dish looks lovely. Good luck Friday.

The cupcake is almost too good to eat.

Good luck tomorrow at the hospital.

Tracy said...

Mmmmm, looks so yummy I could eat it for breakfast right now!

Best wishes for Belle today, I'm sure it will all be fine, but as her mum, you are bound to be anxious.


Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of you today and the delicious Belle ... Dot xx

Tracie H said...

I hope all goes well for your little miss today - GA's are scary things - but Im sure she will be fine.
Good luck for Friday - I have a couple of buddies who are representing the SW and am soooo excited for both them and you.

Jo said...

That looks yummy scrummy :D Good Luck for friday.

Hope it all goes well for you and Belle today (hugs)

j x

Fiona said...

Kirsty that looks seriously delicious, and the cupcakes look so pretty. Good luck for BBD and let us know when you will be on.
Hope all goes well for Belle and send you all very best wishes.

Heather said...

The Pudding looks delicious so good luck with it on Friday :)
The cupcake is a work of art -too pretty to eat surely?
And sending love to you & Belle for tomorrow xoxox

Angela Weimer said...

Your dish looks fab. Good luck with it. Hope everything goes well with the hospital. It is so hard when you child has to go through those things.Thoughts are with you today. Try not to worry too much. Hope you have a good week. Angela

ginny c said...

hope everthing goes well with belle, love your dish hope you win

jayne said...

Good luck Belle.
Lush cupcakes yum yum yum xx
We have a Competition running atm where you can win lots of Fiskars Tools. It might interest you. Check us out

Shazza x x x said...

Sending big hugs to Ellie for being so brave. Prescribe plenty mummy hugs. Had a lovely evening. Very entertaining people! Your mum is hilarious! Marks Chilli was delicious and your cinnamon swirls and custard were abosolutely devine. Must have the recipe to binge on. Good Luck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hope all went well for your daughter esp as it must have been a devastating shock for Belle to be taken to a hospital and have this done with no advance warning. Hope she coped well with the traumatic time she faced and she is not in pain today.

Joy said...

Always watch that show, love bread and butter pudding. ( I have it with clotted cream - I'm from Cornwall!) Good luck to you and Belle x