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16 Mar 2011

So much beauty

Anything arty, anything creative and anything pretty and I'm there......... loving it, being inspired by it and wanting to feel a part of it. Sometimes my passion knows no bounds.

As much as I love this new world of fashion design study (although, I am particularly selective about it), I still love photography, I'm obsessed with anything Apple, I stroke my scrapbook papers, a fawn over fabric, I drool over pattern, I can't get enough of ProMarkers and I love novelties and extended uses of somethings that may have been designed for one thing. To be honest, i am into waaaaaaaaaay too much and I wish I had the time to focus my all into one thing at a time. But I'm swayed here and there and tugged by work in one direction and losing sight of other things making it all exciting and excruciating in one hug mix.

I blog/web hop from site to site to site taking in cool graphic and contemporary art right down to pretty pretties. I don't feel I am drawn to one particular style; just design, colour and pattern as a whole. Maybe it would be easier if I did feel drawn to just one sector but I just cant! Its the Aquarius in me......we were born to love it all. However, one thing has really caught my attention this past week and I can't stop obsessing over it. As you may, or may not know, I read the Daily mail online everyday - maybe 5 or 6 times. I avoid the political crap and skirt around the celeb shite at the best of times and focus on the issues going on in the world. The devastation in Japan for one has had me reading all I can and in turn breaking my heart. But that's not what I want to talk about.

I came across an article of an auction that took place in the US, not so long back, where one strange bidder won a lot of negatives having NO idea what lay within them. And when he processed just a handful of them, he discovered some of the most wonderful street photography circa 1950's. But what is more striking is that the photographer was a woman. A woman in an age where men ruled the lens and a woman who had a fabulous talent for exposure and composure combined. Her eye for principles are stunning - I am very inspired but also very enviable of this underrated, undiscovered treasure that is Vivian Maier. The saddest thing about this discovery is that the guy who bought the 30,000 or so negatives went to research who she was only to find that a few days into his googling, he saw an obituary dedicated to her passing the week before. Irony never was more cold.

Here are a few of my fave images (image source here)

They take my breath away, truly they do.

And here is a self portrait, of Vivian

I wanted to finish with this one, last thing. Tonight I saw this video on a friends wall on Facebook. I have seen enough horrors to last me a lifetime on Sky news this week from japan but this? THIS? Oh my, I despair. I truly and honestly despair over it and its going to haunt me forever. NB: If you are NOT an animal lover, you wont "get " it but woe betide if you are. Its utterly heartbreaking.

Glad to read this, in relation:
UPDATE: CNN and the UK Telegraph have both reported that the dogs have been rescued since the footage aired, and are both receiving veterinary care; the more seriously wounded dog is at a clinic in the city of Mito, while the protective spaniel-type dog is receiving care at a shelter in the same town.


Heather said...

oh my word Kirsty. I am so glad you found out that the dogs were rescued & are now being cared for. Its just too horrifying to think of the amount of devastation that nature is capable of. There was an article in todays Mail about a British teacher who made sure his class got to safety but was now trying to find the fate of the rest of the pupils in the school. I dont think we can begin to imagine what it felt like to watch your life get washed away.
Thankful for my life here.

Jennifer Scull said...

those pix are so breathtaking in their beauty....
I have only read the most brief snippets of the dog story, because I tear up just thinking about it. I myself have 2 precious dogs that mean so very much to me. we care for about 5 or 6 stray cats that have found refuge in our barn. my heart has been breaking every day thinking of the devastation in Japan, so I pray and pray. may the people (and animals) there find peace, comfort, and love in the midst of the rebuilding.

Sue said...

What stunning photos.

It is awful the situationin Japan. The loss of human and animal life, as well as the homes and livelihoods of so many is just shocking.

Kerry said...

They are amazing pictures. She was a very talented lady and it is lovely that her work lives on.

I'm right there with you on the first part of your post. Too many crafts on the go plus I am now learning to crochet aswell for my sins.

Lisa-Jane said...

Wow, what incredible pics. Such a shame she was never discovered before. And all that without photoshop and the digital age. Isnt it weird to think that she wouldnt have known how good those shots were until she got them developed. And how lucky for the guy who bought them.

Japan, well where would you start to repair things? As someone very anal, who gets overwhelmed at too much housework, I cant bear to watch the footage. Such chaos and destruction. How wonderful, powerful and yet so destructive.

Fiona said...

What a talent Vivian Maier had and so sad she was never recognised for it. Stunning pictures which I hadn't seen so thanks for sharing with us.
Couldn't get the video footage to play but so glad the dogs have been rescued. The extent of the devastation seems so vast that you cannot comprehend how they will ever get back to normal.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, truly breathtaking, the dogs in japan break my heart so sad, but im so glad that they have now been rescued x

Debo said...

Weellll....I'm studying part-time on a degree course, although that actually takes up ALL my time and somehow I want to be able to fit in all the crafts and things I want to do! I, too flit from one interest - OBSESSION - to another and want so much to do EVERYTHING!!!

I read about Vivian Maier a little while ago - wouldn't you have LOVED to be the one who'd bought the negatives!!! I think her pictures are just amazing, breathtaking. aren't they on show here somewhere?

Now, I'm not a dog-lover (I'm a cat person) but I couldn't bear to watch the video. I was SO pleased to hear there was a happy ending - but I still can't watch cos I'll be in tears anyway!!!!

Lisa Bird - AKA Craft Fairy! said...

That video of the dogs made me cry and squeeze my Molly so tight - thanks for posting the update, still too sad for words tho

Angela Weimer said...

Oh, I am in tears from that. How sad. The whole thing going on there is sad. I know it is a natual catastrophie but watching it makes me flash back to 911. I truely feel for all those affected and pray for things to get better for them. I am glad the dogs were rescued but sad they have been seperated. Imagine how lonely and scared they must feel.(Time to hug my furbaby) On a happier note those pictures are beautiful. She truely had an eye for capturing the moment. Thank you for sharing. Angela

Crafty Helen said...

Thank you Kirsty, once again your blog is inspiring and thought- provoking and it's one that I read almost daily. I know what you mean about being an Aquarian!! ;) xx

Lynne said...

I just found this via a link and as a dog owner I sat and cried. I am so glad that you have found that they are now safe. We have a relative working in Japan teaching English to juniors. Every day he is seeing something that reduces him to tears, human related that is. His class have taken to feeding all the now homeless cats and dogs they come across. God bless them.