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23 Mar 2011


Have you ever heard of/used this stuff?

If you have .......
please email me any super duper projects you have made using it (espesh unusual uses of it). It will help me with a project Im working on and you will have your name in lights! HOORAY!

If you have NOT
let me tell you all about it. This clear film product, by Letraset, is a fabulous surface to print all your greetings, images and artwork on to which you then peel from its carrier sheet and adhere to ANY SURFACE YOU WISH! Its like a rub on, but not..... you know? Its perfect for glass bottles, clear surfaces and of course papercraft projects. I like that my friend Rosie uses it to transfer images on to off cuts of paper and cards (that are too small to run through a printer) thus transferring her images from the clear sheet instead. It does leave a mat finish on your surface which, when you measure your project correctly, will look polished and professional.
In the graphics industry, its used for product mock ups on packaging but of course, when us crafters get our stickies on it....well, a whole new use comes into play.

And the new packaging is underway (of which some of my artwork was used for - Ellie's face will be in lights!!!) which should give those not familiar with it, a new interest to be piqued!

Please contact me if you have a use for it and Im also looking for 5 volunteers to trial it. First come first served in the comments below, please :)


Craftilicious said...

I'd love to volunteer to have a play with that stuff - sounds amazing :-)

Jules said...

I can feel the creative juices flowing already, so I'd love to volunteer to have a play :D

humel said...

I've never tried it, but I'd love to have the chance to, thank you! xx

rach said...

That sounds like a brilliant project, I'd love to have a go too. Would it work on a mirror?

Tracie H said...

Ive been using Safmat for years - it was one of my very first scrapbooking buys! I love making my own rubons as well as printing my photographs directly on to it.

I'll dig out some of my projects if you want?

Bernice said...

I've just bought my first packet of it. Looking forward to finding out exciting uses for it

Lynn said...

I have used it but it was a couple of years ago. I used it several times to put fancy lettering on cards but my most creative use of it was to put some artwork onto a number of hipflasks that my husband had bought for the competitors in a golf tournament. I created a circular image for the front of the faux leather hip flasks but each one had the recipients name on it too. Unfortunately I didn't take photographs but everyone who received one was very impressed.

Lynn x

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

I use Safmat - I mainly use it to create my "handmade by" stickers for the back of my cards, but I have used it in scrapbooking too. I'll put myself up as a volunteer!

I will e-mail you a photo of what I've done with it. Hope this helps.

Happy Crafting



id like to try some for my crafty projects xxxx

Sue said...

Looks interesting. I'll be interested to see what you can do with it.

michelle said...

That looks good stuff!!!

I will keep my eyes open for that:)
Michelle x

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

I love Safmat haven't used if for a few years now as I don't cardmake anymore. I did use it on a candle a few years ago I will email a piccie to you but it is not a good photo so may not be of much use to you xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi, never used it, in fact never heard of it until today, but it does sound useful stuff, especially for making greetings on wee bits of card. I'm sure you have enough volunteers but I will be interested in finding out where I could get a supply to try it out for myself. Elizabeth x

Di said...

Oh poo Kirsty! I think I'm too late to say I'd love to try it out :( That's what comes of having a lady decorator working here today and it was her birthday.....not too much got done but we did spoil her and she went home a happy bunny! Di x

Jennifer Scull said...

this is my first time to hear about it. sounds like fun! :)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I've been using Safmat for so long that I'll be on my 3rd packaging design when the new one comes out.

I love it for printing greetings onto and then cutting and sticking onto my projects. If your readers want to see what it looks like applied as a greeting on a card, they can follow the link to my card below:



Tigger78 said...

Hi Kirsty,
I have never heard of it but if its from letraset its gotta be their promarkers so going on that basic would love to try it out.
I have only been crafting for a year or so but probably have as much crafting stash as a long term crafter...just can't stop buying things I just gotta have everything going :)
Would love to volunteer to use the brains going overtime on what projects I can use it on.
Look forward to hopefully hearing from you to to try it out.