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14 Mar 2011

A punch? A Rose?

You see the punch on the right, below?Well, it can make a rose like this! You know, you can pay a fortch for a pack of 10 of these but now you can make you own using paper scraps and in colours to match perfectly with your projects.
To see how simples it is, have a gander at this video. It was recorded at Stitches, Feb 2011...... I sound super posh and the video is dead profesh! **edited: I sound funny because Ive been talking non-stop for 3 days, at the show!**

So many things to make and so little time - sigh :(

PS: Don't forget to sneak my new Buglets below!


Bernice said...


Anonymous said...


Have you got something in your mouth?? You sound funny!!!

Nice to see you at leigh yesterday

Deborah xx

Anonymous said...

Just seen your message about e mail


Angela Weimer said...

Lovely tutorial. Beautiful flowers. I will have to try and find me one of these punches. thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

Sally-Jo said...

Nice to see you at leigh, lovely idea with the flower punches xx

Sue said...


Jennifer Scull said...

okay, maybe YOU can make flowers using those punches but I don't think I can make flowers using those punches..... giggles!

loving the new little images! adorable adorable!