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25 Mar 2011

My lovely girl

I think ive written this 563820596748371534 times on my blog about how hard it is to get Belles to sit for me. She has no interest whatsoever with having her photo taken. Im sure she is the only kid on facebook who hasn't got hundreds of pictures of herself posing and pouting in the mirror or in group shots with buddies at school. She is cut from some seriously different cloth, is that kid. I am simply consumed by her; she is my love and my light for absolute sure.

Last night, the light was lovely in the lounge. And as there was no direct sunlight to burn her photophobic eyes, I grabbed the opportunity to just observe her and take pics of her doing her "thing". After school you can find this delightful child playing with her "brother". Those two have a bond stronger than your proper human sibling relationship. The trust between them in inexplicable and it melts me heart to a mushable squish.

She also unwinds with the National Geographic channel or Animal Hospital for a good hour or two. She is so absorbed in these programs that I often want to flip open that head and watch what is going on in there! Just look at those peachy cheeks and flawless skin (envy envy envy).
These two photos typify her completely. This is what I see everyday after school and Im comfortable with how her routine defines us as a family.

I want to share you some cards that Justine has made with my Buggy dolly stamps........ I love her clean style and also Marie who has also made Petit Bug look so incredibly chic amongst other buggies xx.

There are just a few buggy stamps left before my next batch goes in for order...... this time Im increasing the line. I think Im a bit awestruck at how well they sold in 24 hours. Thank you x


digi-diva said...

She is lovely. She is gorgeous. You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Belle is so pretty :)
Kirsty am i being really silly? i can't find the 'stamps' in your shop only the digi stamps ... i walked up and down the aisles ;-) caroline xx

Sue said...

She is gorgeous.

Congrats on the stamps doing so well.

Fiona said...

Beautiful photo's of a beautiful daughter.

Paula Pascual said...

That last photo is outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Glad your daughter is so well and happy. How is she getting on at school and college now? Hopefully she is becoming more used to it and a more independent and lively student with her peers and friends.

Debo said...

Amazing photos!! She is beautiful!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Bless your Belles - gorgeous girl - wonderful photos..


Trish said...

Oh Kirsty, how you make me emotional when you talk about your child. She is beautiful and perfect and it is obvious for the world to see how much you adore her. I know the feeling when you think your heart will busrst because you love them so much.

I know exactly what you mean about the bond that children share with their animals.My youngest daughter often tells me that our German Shepherd thinks she is her Mum!

You are very lucky to have your perfect girl and she is very lucky to have a Mum who loves her so much. I love your stamps too!
Trish x

Trish said...


Heather said...

I think you have found the key to getting Belle at her best :) I find my son is getting reluctant to have his photo taken so I try & get him off guard ..... bribery also helps ;-)
Fabulous photos Kirsty xx

Crafty Helen said...

Have just ordered some of your stamps Kirsty - all I can say is hurry up and design more please!!
Belle looks absolutely beautiful, as does Eddie ;) xx

humel said...

She is so very beautiful! And yes, the light is perfect in these shots :-)

PS I emailed you about the Safmat, btw - I seem to recall that my previous email went to your junk mail (with me being a dodgy, suspicious looking type...) so thought I'd better mention it in case that happened again xx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Your Belle is indeed beautiful. I like that she doesn't like having her photo taken!
My boys never (EVER) stand still long enough so also hard to photograph. Whenever I do capture the essence of them I'm so pleased!
Great photos.
Haven't come across your stamps yet so off to investigate
fee x

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Beautiful Pics Kirsty. Belle looks gorgeous!
I think the first one is my FAVE. Doggy kisses are the best!

D@nielle said...

they look so cute !