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31 Mar 2011

Er, do not adjust your screens

I did a scrapbook page that wasn't for either a mag or a class.
This was for us. Our albums. One of hundreds already and not a blot on the ones I have in my head, ready to create.
Using GoGo's April kit (of which I create hybrids for), I fancied having a play this morning at roughly 2.34am. Ugh, bluergh, gnuh!

I even refrained from bunting and spray inking. I think Ive finally got over that craze on my scrap pages. Phew.

I'm super proud of myself.
Like so much that I might have two green beans extra for my carb free meal tonight. Yes, I'm back on the eating plan that I kind of "Took a break from" at the end of Jan. Its been incredibly hard to get back into but I think this week, Ive cracked it. I need to. I have 28lbs of some serious wobblage to shave off. Its like freeing my winter coat, so to speak.

Also, I got rid of the red in my hair today. I had to retouch it every 3-4 washes when it faded to a pale pinky rose. It was getting on my wick. So Ive added lots of brown to rid it although there is a little red peeping through.

Here I am celebrating my new colour by sharing it with some punch love. Ive wanted this punch for about 38234762346 years and this weekend, at the GoGo retreat, I snaffled one in my grubby mits

So - I have new hair and a new found love of scrapping.
But not a new love of shoving green veggies down my neck, like they are going out of fashion. Blech.
Eating plans are poo.

Also, I have some stamps left here if you need a top up (clear out corner)

Loves x


Jennifer Scull said...

way to go on the eating plan..... I am trying to do that myself and have checked out some exercise DVDs from the library to get these fat cells moving. oh the joys of being a woman who loves food! ;)

pretty photo btw! and I think the punch will be much used. I just recently picked up several dies for my Big Shot that are similar to that one. there are so many things you can do with the cloud shape. can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Sue said...

Loving the LO.

Well done on getting back on your eating regime.

You look fabby and I love your hair.

Julia said...

Love the new hair. The layout is gorgeous and that punch is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing how you use it.

Susan said...

I've been flicking through the latest Crafts Beautiful mag and you have a lovely bright colourful advert in there for your CDs...but it doesn't give any contact information where to buy them from.
Just thought I'd point it out :)

*reyanna klein* said...

My goodness! That layout is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE it! :-D

And I love your new hair color! Looks totally fab! :-)

sarah said...

Hi Kirsty, I have been following your blog for a while, always inspiring, love the cds - more please!! I just wanted to say I have recently bought an ABTRAK from Ideal world (flexipay!) and am very impressed so far - muscles are sore that I did not know I had!! I am too trying to rid my mid wobble for the summer - worth a look on their website www. for 3 to 5 minutes a day (definitely feel the burn), a worthwhile investment?? I have no willpower when it comes to eating - I love chocolate too much!!!

D@nielle said...

The hair color is great, love that punch too as I used it recently at a crop and fell in love .... Love the layout !