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30 Mar 2011

Don't die of shock

But I actually think, for the first time in 16 million years, have less than 5 things left to do on my to-do list. One or two things Ive been meaning to put on my blog, though............

Firstly, these from Bernice. I saw these works of art at the Bromsgrove crop that I taught at a few weeks back. Who wouldn't love to have treasure troves like these?

And card from Sandie already, using my Bug digi stamps. I'm not kidding, she downloaded this one minute and had the card done in an hour!

And pics of my newby friend Rubes with my old mucker, Vickster x. Rubes attended the GoGo weekend on a whim and had never ever scrapped before in her life. Mentals. I connected with her in a way that doesn't come around often. I think mainly due to our spiritual nature and friendship on facebook more than anything. She is a pure angel friend and that, coming from me, is rare.

Ugh, fugly exposure from poopy iSight on Mac

Belles and I are fans of angel cards and we use them often. We also like rose quartz, crystals and all things gentle and inspiring. I find religion a bit of a headache but spiritualism is something I find easy to digest and take comfort from. The way Belles and I deal with everyday life is softened by the belief that some higher spirit out there is looking after our souls. Its lovely to see Ellie take to it. And meeting Rubes, who has these beliefs was like a link from our missing chain. I am so highly spirited this week that I'm having my first Reiki session tomorrow. Am so looking forward to it.

But listen to me............I'm
not goo goo about it and I don't dance round toadstools, naked, at midnight neither - I'm not crazy! I think we all have to have a belief be it religion, spiritualism or if, indeed, carrots are blue. Some good reads if you are piqued by gentle angelness and all things wonderful - you have to have an open mind, this isnt trickery or cult-like but they are really lovely books:

Right Im off before you think Ive gone all weirdo freaky.
I'll leave that to David Icke.

Edited and added:
Ive had a number of people ask me how to get a good impression from a BIG stamp with a detailed background. Often you can lose part of the impression if you don't "press" hard enough. Well, this is my simples/cheats way of creating a super impression without buying those fangly and expensive rocker thingies:

You can buy that stamp from my website, here, if you so wish :)


Bernice said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'd like to recommend a book too. It's called The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. It is ecellent

Anonymous said...

Genius,Northern Chick....if it wasnt so late,Id try it out now!!!!
Love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

SallyB said...

The answer to my prayers. I can't believe I didn't think of that. We can always rely on you for sparks of ingenious.

Anonymous said...

Ive never mastered such trickery. Stamping is like russian roulette less for live bullets and more ink splattered faces.
I shall give this a whirl and prevent stamping suicide.

Sue said...

Blimey! you won't know what to do with yourself if that list is actually blank. Don't panic though, as I bet more things to do will be right around the corner.

Loving the momento boxes.

The card is fab.

Agree with you about being spiritual. Treat others as you'd wish to be treated.

Going to try the vid again. Flash keeps playing up for me:(

greyparrot said...

oooh kirstyloolaa you will LOVE reiki! It is amazing. I qualified in reiki last year and it is really intense to give it as well as to receive it. Keep an eye out for the rock, gem and bead shows. I went to our local one on Sunday and you can get some really bargainous crystals and beautifulness. I bought a gorgeous pendulum, and a tonne of pretty crystals to add to my mahoosive collection. Let me know what you think of your reiki session

Debo said...

Just watched your video clip - INGENIOUS!!!! Off to uni now so will try later. It's brilliant! (Think you should patent the idea before someone else claims it for their own!!!)

Anam said...

awesome tip and if you use a clear jamjar you can see where you are putting the stamp too :)

Julia said...

Wow!! I love the stamping tip. Thanks Kirsty!!

Vicki said...

loves ya kirsty! was so good to catch up again. xxx

Anonymous said...

brilliant tip thank you x

Anonymous said...

A general card of various papers stuck together with a good stamped image makes a good impression As for the other stuff cults and fantasy is not my thing. No proof and so no belief. Jesus is the way the truth and the life! He was and is and is to come!

Bumblebee said...

I'll have to try the tin thing, some people swear by putting foam underneath when you stamp (or a mouse mat). x

Bettyann said...

you are a bloody genius Kirsty my girl !!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

It takes alot of guts to post your beliefs, muchos kudos. The stampy thing is awesome, must try it! xxx

Tracy said...

Wow, great tip. Thanks xx

misstwinkletoe said...

Now why did I not think of that??? Off to try it now!! Thanks Kirsty.