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1 Mar 2011

Crafty hotness

When I was at Stitches, I was stunned with the amount of jewellery and beading stands there were. Back in 2008, beads were hot tipped to be the next best thing and only now has it suddenly sky rocketted. I love to make trinkets myself but what I do know how to make, doesn't even cover the whole craft.
2 years back I was sent on a Clare Artisides course for the basics in jewellery making and from the very tiny basics of what I have learned has got me hooked. I occasionally dabble but I much prefer to stroke my wares rather than use them.

Hot footing it behind jewellery making is hand finished chocolates. Note the word hand finished. To actually make chocolate you need to be a chocolatier and make chocloate from scratch - which, to be fair is a craft in itself and nigh on impossible unless you are a master at it with a phd in chockoly making. But to create chocolates from inexpensive Belgian couverture, it is simply that homemade chocolates are actually classed as hand finished. This new trend has jettisoned from seemingly nowhere and lately I have noticed an increasing amount of crafters turning their hand to homemade truffles, nutty delights and lollipop making - including hot choc swizzle sticks.
There are basics to get you started which can be found even in Hobbycrafts and then, other than buying tempering machines (a bit pricey unless you don't mind using a bain marie and a thermometer) and getting yourself a food hygiene certificate, there is nothing stopping you from starting a small business with hand finished chocolates. Personally, Id rather get my friend Paul to make me a few swizzle sticks and leave the hand finished chocolates to those that can refrain from dipping their head in the bowl (unike me!).

Also hot on the trail is stampmaking. As photocentric have pretty much cornered this small business opportunity, there is absolutely no stopping you from creating your own polymer stamps from home. Whilst at the NEC, I noticed varying sized machines to help the home crafter start a home business in the art of stamp making. Im tempted myself but, to be fair, I have sourced a stamp maker for my small range due out next week. But those who want to give it a go, google Photocentric.

And these were the only things that caught my eye - that place was ENORMOUS!


Sue said...

WOW!!! So many things to try and definitely not enough time:)

Debo said...

You can melt chocolate in the melting pot! AND make beads (a la Leandra Franich from PaperArtsy)

So, one piece of equipment - 3 crafts!!! You CAN do it all!

Oooo - what about chocolate beads??? Now, where's my melt pot?

(P.S. Hope everything goes well tomorrow for Ellie)

Bumblebee said...

Ha, I know what you mean about stroking your wares, I'm reluctant to use my lovely beads and trinkets too!!!To be honest I'm reluctant to use most of the stuff I have, it's a wonder anyone even receives a card from me!