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29 Mar 2011

Big house, big fun

THIS is where I was this weekend.
And THIS house is only one third of the entire venue.
GoGo getaway 6 was a rip roaring success and even though I don't think my feet touched the floor, I had a fantastic time.

Ive yet to take a daylight pic of my layout of the class I taught but I wanted to show you a few snips of pics of the beautiful backdrops I had as part of my photo shoot duties at the event. Ive also been playing with filters for the photos and so far, the results have been brilliant!

No filter on this one but almost a SOOC image. Look at those lush daffs!

This is a buttery overlay, just one simple twist on a photo makes it look dreamy

This is a muted filter which create a creamy finish

This is a wispy haze finish

And this is coffee cream!

This is just a few of the seven hundred pics I took. I was very very busy. Buuuuuuut it was worth it

Now I want to draw your attention to something VERY VERY important.
Please spread the word to your freinds and other parents and teachers. I cannot relay how incredibly MAJOR this little bloggy bit is.

So, you all know my girl is photophobic and is struggling at school, don't you? You know she is this determined little thing; the little voice who has to work double hard to get half the recognition. Well let me tell you something that could help your little kiddy.


It is the best thing you could ever do if they are struggling with reading, writing, concentration, letters back to front, eye strain, distractions and lack of confidence.
It is by far the best £50 we have ever spent because tonight Ellie took the test and although she is NOT strictly colour dyslexic, the test did prove that she should wear blue tints on her lenses. I can't believe how significant this test is, especially as she has to strain, visually, in both forced and natural day light.

Here she is at the opticians, trying out the blue lenses. Bug eyes?!!!! Look at how juicy those kissy lips look, too!

She will, without a doubt, get to see the world how she is supposed to.... without squinting or shading her eyes. She will be able to enjoy her vision which has tainted her view on the world; one that often seems like a big, watery blur. And she has had to suffer that for 15 shitty years, poor kid. Breaks my heart.

If anyone watched the documentary about Kara Tointon's struggle with dyslexia and how a colour dyslexia test has changed her life by way of reading, then you ought to understand how this test will change Ellies life. Watch it here - its in 5 parts. I strenuously beg you to watch them (an hour in total). I honestly think every parent and every teacher in the WORLD should watch it so that kids who struggle may get the opportunity to have this test and be saved.


This is such a breakthough for my Belles and well worth fifty lousy quid.
Let me know your thoughts x

PS: Stampers, have you seen THIS?!!!


Bettyann said...

This so great to be able to help her see the world without squinting or miracle has happy !!!

Bernice said...

I watche the Kara Tointon film when it was first aired. It's such a great documentary. I hope your daughter finds live a lot a more fun from now on.

Bernice said...


Sue said...

Fab news about the test for Belle.

Loving the photos. Glad you had a good time.

Debo said...


This should be a standard test when kids first go to school, not as expensive as the full dyslexia test and would catch all the kids who are 'on the edge' of dyslexia before they started to fall behind.

GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!! It makes me SO cross that they have to wait for kids to fall WAY behind before they're prepared to put any funds in place for testing!
Rant over! At least you have made some more prodres for lovely Belle!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!! I googled it and we have an glasses store that sells these lenses and do tests and such so I am 100% for sure am going to check this out for anthony!


Tracie H said...

Both J and I have Irlen filters on our lenses - it helps with our Dyslexia loads...... I hope it works just as well for Ellie .x.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

YAY for a simple colour test! How long will it take for her lenses to come through? xxx

Jenny said...

Wow, so happy to hear and hopefully it cotinues up for her :) Thrilled for you guys! (good to hear the getaway was awesome too ;)) xxx

Sandie said...

So glad to hear of some progress for Belle!! Hope she gets her lenses quickly. xx