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24 Feb 2011

What a show!

Ive been to the "Stitches" retail show on many occasions as a show walker over the past 6 years. But this time I worked as a demonstrator for Tonic Studios. I LOVE THESE GUYS! Such a hoot and so clever at what they do. If you have never heard of them, allow me to recap. Tonic Studios design and supply cutting systems for the craft industry including trimmers, guillotines, punches and scissors. You may already know that Tim Holtz endorses a range of tonic products too. PLUS they are a British company, which is what I like. I'm not sure if you know but I only support British companies including Tonic Studios, Letraset and Fantastic Ribbons...... I do love waving that Union Jack, I can tell you.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I went to demo for three days straight including teaching a couple of classes (using the petal pairs) to retailers. It created such a buzz at the show and retailers were enjoying the potential of the vast product range that Tonic hold. I myself talked myself to death (I even talk glass eyes to sleep, you know!) and between demos and classes, it was reassuring to have a team of guys looking after you with teas and coffees and butties, even when the stand was heaving.

I thought I'd share you some of the demo's that I did, seeing as I didn't take one single stinking photo at the show- can you believe that? No, neither can I. You will love what you can create with their new range of punches which I find is a "go to" item in need of either a quick fix or little challenge to beef up your craft session.

The Butterfly punch

The mini circle punch creates the "legless brad"

And the uber popular Petal Pairs

I made a little video showing you some of the basics of the new products (approx 11 minutes, so go and boil the kettle) will love what you can do with the mini circle punch too!

Please check out:
Beth's blog (see her FANTASTIC candle stamping technique IMMEDIATELY, its brilliant!)
Crafty Devils - a superb range of punches for you to drool over, actually - the whole shop is your credit cards best friend ;)
Tonic Studios - what can I say, great range of products with a list of your local stockists.

And so onto tonight.
I was going to go over to my mums because Ellie was missing me (she is there on a wee break) but an avalanche of work came in at This meant I was staying home another day. Mark suggested going to the pictures for a spell away from my work and seeing as it was Orange Wednesday, I agreed to finally got to see MY Kings Speech. I say MY because I think this is the film I was destined to see for my own guilty pleasure. Not only was MY Colin Firth in it but also MY Helena Bonham Carter. Im sorry but they are both MINE. I love them both the mostest and seeing as I was in sniffing distance of Colin Firth a few weeks back, he certainly has me enchanted more over than your average idol crush.

Orange Wednesday = packed out cinema even though the film has been out for weeks and weeks. But still, I was there to be enthralled and by god, it was bloody magnificent. It had an equal balance of laughter, dismay, sadness and triumph; all of which was beautifully filmed. I felt every emotion and every movement in the film, I really did. And it is MINE to own and I will fight you for it. Nobody can claim it and nobody could love it more than I do. I think it was, secretly, made just for me.

NOTE: Anyone who has seen it, the profanity part made me burst out laughing so hard that I think I scared the man next to me who, by the way, hogged my left elbow space. I hate this stupid "one arm rest rule" at cinemas. Next time, I'll take my machette and lob off unwanted elbow-age.

Im now teaching at the SCRAPSTARS even in Leeds at the beginning of April. Please check out this link here for more info. It promises to be a superb crafting weekend retreat and the class I have in mind is a lovely treasure.

PS: Don't forget to check out the offer below, which runs out on FRIDAY x


Doda said...

Hello! Great demo! I'll need to get one of those larger embossing tools. The effect on the petal pairs is fab!

Fiona said...

Great samples Kirsty going to watch the vid now.
Glad you loved The Kings Speech, wasn't it the bestest film ever? Mr Darcy and Geoffrey Rush were magnificent.

Heather said...

ok so I neeeed the butterfly punch now please. Just saying :)
Loved the Kings Speech too though my knees object to being bent at strange angles for a couple of hours - I'd be terrible on a plane (havent flown in 10 years & dont plan to in the future either lol)
Ooooo Colin Mr Darcy Firth things we do for you xxxx

fidgetthedaxie said...

Fab video Kirsty. Those brads you made looked like Card Candy. I don't have an embossing tool, might have to invest. Unless there's anything else I could use instead? Loved the cards, nice to see your cards rather than scrap pages ;-)

Debbie said...

I have the butterfly punch and use it LITERALLY all the time! Off to boil the kettle before I watch your video!

Sue Ramsay said...

Just loving your 'Friends' card - pure and simple xx

Sue said...

Loving the cards.

Susan said...

Hi Kirsty,
Lovely to meet you at the Tonic Stand at Stitches. Great how you've 3-D-ed up my Petal Pairs - they look fabulous. The PP flower garland card is beautiful.
All the best,

SDCrafts said...

Oh Kirsty - silly old me feels really proud of you! Our little craft star and now sharing so much to so many more...this is a really inspiring video and has opened up punching in so many ways hitherto unknown to me! Never mind MS punches - hello TS ones!

(thanks for FB comment earlier)

Anonymous said...

that large embossing tool is awesome-I dont recognise the make,though....are you able to enlighten? It looks much larger than even the largest Pergamano tool!
I feel inspired to dig out my many,many punches out and have a go! Thanks for the ideas
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Lisa-Jane said...

Great demo and beautiful cards. On the butterfly one, how have you attached the aqua ribbon? It looks like it goes around the whole card and looks so neat. Do you slip it inside and then cover the inside? Cheers luvvie xx