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26 Feb 2011

West to East to West

It's fun that I can travel from the west to the east of the country in 2.5 hours. Namely to go and collect la Belle. She was at my mums for half term, being thoroughly spoiled by all the affection you can imagine. And more so seeing she is having an op on Wednesday. Belle doesn't know about it and to be honest, it's not worth the potential night sweats and anxiety if we do tell her. She is having a general to have some muscle taken from some abnormal tissue in her calf but when she had the same type of op, when she was six, they didn't have her under general then. Mark and I have sworn that after this, that's it. No more invasive investigation. The poor kid has really had it all. To top it off she has a heart scan due on the 18th April but that's just a bit of jelly and a hand tool to see how her prolapsed valve is getting along. I think that's it for this year, which is a relief.

So............ being home. I love my parents dearly and being home is really special for me. Luckily, my bro and JJ were there for a day so it made the trip more sweeter. I only had my iPhone for pics so here is my weekend in snapshot form:

Walking on the beach. My bro with his dog as I pushed JJ in his stroller with Belles. I love mums beach x
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Belles and granny cuddle up
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What was also an added bonus was that my dad suggested that my bro, Leigh, and I go out for a few drinks. Well, I just don't go out for drinks these days so I was a bit out of sorts on what to do!!!! Well, almost.
Here is my dad and bro, playing to the crappy iPhone Camera quality
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And me with dad, it's struck me how very few pics I have with my dad :(
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A few hours later, slightly inebriated and soaked to the skin (after a walk home in the rain), we play a quiz and get the munchies. How I got 13/20 is beyond me, I was well tiddly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I had such a good niight/weekend but I knew I'd be in for a thick head the next morning. Ugh, I was right.


Fiona said...

Lovely family snaps of happy times.
You've got a tough week ahead Kirsty, wishing you all the best and no NHS crap. (if you know what I mean)

Heather said...

Good times were had by all :)

Bettyann said...

Lovelypictures of a lovely family...sending good thoughts for Belle this week..lots of hugs to you !!!!

Debo said...

You can't beat good family time!

(I love the fact that there's a guillotine on the table!!!)

Crafty Helen said...

Hope everything goes well this week Kirsty - I'll be thinking about you all x

Sue said...

Fab family photos. Glad you had such a nice time.

Good luck with the hospital.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Leigh is so like your dad in that pic Kirsty!

Ellsie Belle will be your shining star as always. She's a wonderful girl who is loved dearly by all who know her. Tell her we love her too, won't you? xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well. Shocked though that the hospital have not given you support in explaining this in advance. modern child health regardless of the child's abilities ensures informed consent from them as well the parents. Shocking standards and as your daughter is a teenager horrific that she doesnt know. They should have told her when the procedure was planned. Poor girl, we really feel for her having to go whereever it is for care- they should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Stiff-upper-lipped huggles to the Curlygirl....and lots of chocolate-flavoured kisses for the bravery....hope all goes well x
Lulubelle x