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20 Feb 2011

Ribbon Offer - Slurp, clap hands, drool

Keith, at Fantastic Ribbons, didn't give his website that name for nothing.
Oh no he didn't.
His ribbons truly are fantastic and for this week ONLY you can buy 16 rolls of ribbon in its own super duper dispenser for £15 instead of £25.....that's less than a quid a roll!

You know how much that is going to make a great gift (for yourself, obv). It is listed as £25 but rest assured that 40% will be taken off at have my word!

Check out this tempting offer here but hurry - its only for 7 days!

You still here?


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Delightful ribbons! Soooooo pretty!

Bettyann said...

still here !!

Sue said...

WOW!!! Think y friend would love those, so off to have a look.

Julie said...

Now that's got my fingers twitching,:) TFS Julie.x