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16 Feb 2011

New Stamps and some useful info

I don't think I'm going to be a huge stamp seller but I wanted to just "have a go". I already draw and design stamps for PI, but that's only twice a year and now, I want to fill the time between. One stamp set Ive had manufactured is the pos and neg of this:
Imagine my horror when I saw that Maya Road have something similar out at CHA. But I think you will find they are not the same. I also think you know what I am talking about, in light of recent events. Ugh.

This leads me on to common trends. I'm not sure if you know but twice a year, you can subscribe to a Trend Predictions campaign that pave the way for what will be popular "design wise". Their predictions will be utilised by fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers etc etc. They set the trend for wall papers, stationery, fabrics and images etc. For instance, two years ago, owls were prevalent and you saw them everywhere - T shirts, decals, stationery, scrapbook pages etc. This year its about the cameos (or silhouettes to some people). And so you will see these everywhere this year, if not already. And then you will get the gossip that stems from that, such as "huh, she copied her. He copied them etc". What you find useful to know is that trend prediction sites inspires these different walks of designers and that nobody, is in fact, copying. Unless its downright inch for inch plaguerism - I refer to this event of late where a well known stationery shop were sued for copyright infringement.

And also, don't forget that there is public domain imagery. Like the Alice in Wonderland images, for instance.
They were drawn decades ago and the copyright has since expired. Therefore, people have a right to use public domain images both privately and commercially without infringement. Thankfully. They are excellent resources for a whole host of things - namely archival work, mixed media, collage, research etc

Also you can buy into commercial free imagery at stock photo sites. Many times you may see a few things in the shops or on Etsy/Ebay - perhaps clothing lines and even commercial literature that look exactly the same. And its worth knowing that designers will buy the royalty free imagery to use as they see fit without consequence to their reputation as a designer/seller.

Then don't forget Commons Creative licenses. Some designer allow you to use their images but may request you give credit to them. And so you should. And often, I do......if I use them.

I'm warning you now, its worth doing your homework when it comes to doing projects that will be seen by the public and how the whole royalty free and commercial free legislation works ;)

And really, Ive only explained myself so you can be in receipt of the facts before potential hysteria runs amock.

**new promarker video coming later this evensong**


Anonymous said...

And yet neither Maya Road, yourself nor anyone else who's reproduced the Keep Calm posters can claim the idea as their own.

It's simpler just to do something original.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Nope, not been accused of copying........just highlighting common trends.
I've NEVER claimed this as my design. It's a public domain image which stems from a poster found in a book shop a number if years ago.
I think you will find I do my homework and give credit where credit is due.
Don't twist it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I think Kirsty explained herself very well (and needlessly, but with all the recents dramas I understand why) you can't help yourself but leave a bitchy, useless comment? Grow up!

Anonymous said...

Love all you do Kirsty! What's happened of late with your cd roms and create and craft... Missed you, I know it's not connected to this thread but I don't no any other way to get in touch.. Where can we purchase you newbie stamps, loving them x

Anonymous said...

Can't spell either, know not no.. Dohhh

Kirsty Wiseman said...

New stamps will be on my website next week x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

CDs on hold..... They take weeks to create and I no linger sell them on c&c. It makes financial sense to sell them from my website :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kirsty

Anonymous said...

Anonymous no 1.

I've walked away from that comment once. But decided to come back and answer that Kirsty.

You've taken my post the wrong way. And you know what? Your reply was nasty. And there was no need for that.

But you know what Kirsty, defensiveness seems to come quite naturally to you. I've been reading your blog for a while. And most of the time it's interesting. I love hearing about Ellie. Have a lot of sympathy for the situation your family faces. But quite honestly sometimes, who died????????????

And on top of that, first you're this (a scrapbooker, not just any old scrapbooker, but a famous one who designs for American companies) then you're this (a paper designer, and a paper designer who's too big for Create and Craft let me tell you. Did you see how appalling they presented "my" products? And not a paper designer who can use her own stuff either. Nope. Still makes cards with everyone else's stuff.) Now what is it a fashion designer? Yeah. Right.

It's all about being "somebody". Not a "somebody" that's doing something that's naturally you. Just a "somebody". Doing what? Who cares? Anything. Anything will do. Just as long as you can be a "somebody".

Well get this Kirsty. How is trying to be a "somebody" going for you? Read your own blog.

And get over yourself.

Thanks for your time.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

jesus, where the hell did that come from?
Each to their own and all that.

JeanK said...

I have never posted on your blog but have followed it for a few years. I am an expat who now lives in Michigan (have done for the last 21 years. I must tell you Kirsty that I love, love, love your Blog and all of your designs. I also admire you for going back to school, but most of all I love your Englishness and humour. Don't get upset by people who post anonymously (who should have the guts to put a real name)as most of your followers love you to bits. FYI thought you might be interested in this blog

jodpea said...

Sticking my fingers in my ears (eyes?) n ignoring all that above, this subject is something that has always worried me. I am always inspired by other peoples work/quotes/song lyrics/images and often want to try it for myself either cos I'm miserly or I want to work out how they've done it and the recipient will always say "this is brilliant you oughta make a living out of this" to which my automatic response is "but I dont understand how copyrights etc work, I don't want to get sued!". Tricky business, really...

fidgetthedaxie said...

Note to anonymous, when commenting on other people's grammatical mistakes always ensure that you use adverbs when needed instead of adjectives. I think you will find that when you check your vitriolic post you will find the misuse of the word appalling, which quite frankly I find appalling.
Kirsty, keep calm and carry on!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Lord... Plese don't lump me in a nasty anonymous corner.. I'm the nice one, thought you had to have an account to name yourself. I don't have said account.. In my humble opinion THAT rant was very personal and uncalled for. Bless you Kirsty
and as they say Keep calm and carry on, or better still freak out and eat chocolate.. Lve and big warm hugsxxx
By the way I'm the anonymous one who asked about the stamps and your gorgeous cd's x

Nathalie Kalbach said...

HUH - what is going on here? Well- anyway- interesting post and so true in many ways. Love the stamps- I know the poster - even had it a year ago when it was released as a retro find in one of the german magazines - and it is an awesome idea to make a stamp out of this. As to the negativity in the comments- peeps- stop the drama where none is necessary.
Kirsty love your work- you know it ;)

Maz said...

A very informative post - thanks. I knew nothing about the whole Trend Predictions thing and also knew nothing about the stationery shop that we know and love.
As for Anonymous no.1's comments, knowing you personally I was tempted to launch into a diatribe of my own in retaliation to the (quite unneccesary) comments. However, this isn't really the place for such things (which is why I e-mailed you instead). My only comment is that if someone isn't brave enough to put a name to their opinion then it's not worth the paper it's written on (keyboard it's typed on, screen it's read on...whatever, you get my gist!).
Keep doing whatever YOU want to do Kirsty - it's why we read your blog after all...

wren123191 said...

to anonymous no 1.

I don't often comment on Kirsty's blog but your nasty comments make my blood boil.

As for the comments about Ellie -(copied and pasted)

I love hearing about Ellie. Have a lot of sympathy for the situation your family faces. But quite honestly sometimes, who died????????????

If you have not had to deal with a disabled child then who are you to say anything.

Have you ever wondered (as Kirsty has to) what sort of life expectancy Ellie has? So, no at this moment in time no one has died - yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In your case missy either put up (name yourself) or shut up and f*** 0ff.

I am not anonymous I just don't have an account.

I am naming myself (and shaming myself for swearing)

Hazel Kinroy -aka Kirsty's Mum

Anonymous said...

well said Kirsty's momma. As I said before I'm the nice anonymous one. Never thought to sign my name. Didn't think you could with no account. My name is Heather, so I'm no longer anonymous xx

Anonymous said...

Ellie should not have been mentioned by Anon no.1. I am a mother and cannot imagine if I were in the same position as Kirsty. Such a pity to read that comment, what was the point really :(

Fiona said...

Hear Hear Kirsty's mum!

Thanks for all the information Kirsty, I was not aware of the trend predictions thing or the Paperchase thing or anything that may have happened with C & C.
Keep doing what you do!

Fi x

Anonymous said...

It really is simples - if you like Kirsty's blog, read it. If you don't, don't read it. And why bother commenting?
Way to go Hazel - but if you're going to apologise for swearing, you need to use language a bit stronger than that!!!
I like Kirsty's blog, that's why I read it.
People like to read it, that's why she writes it!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Kirsty, your range and talents are inspiring to many, ignore anon's rant, clearly bitter for whatever reason.

Di said...

Really interesting post and timely. There's a lot of ignorance, in general, in regards to copyright, royalty free, licensing, and so on. It's a minefield, so not surprising so many are confused and fearful! I think it's great that you've been able to highlight this issue even if the intitial motivation might've been to stave off any accusing comments of stealing someone else's design. It's a very important subject that warrents discussion and highlinghting. Bravo! As I was told repeatedly in art history lectures, lol, there's nothing new under the sun!

We've recently had to engage the service of a copyright lawyer just to help us with a licensing wording and terms of use wording. My husband is a 3d character designer and has had his work "stolen" so many times. Ugh! Hey ho!

Anyway, I digress, I googled your info re: trend predictions and got over a million hits. I'd be grateful if you could email me the actual subscription/website information.

Kindest regards. x

Anonymous said...

Hey kirsty, very informative post, would love to know where i can see the design predictions for the upcoming year, and if you can recommend a site for public domain imagery that would be FAB!