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28 Feb 2011

I **heart** hearts - 2 crafters wanted

I refer to this post here but will recap with a few pictures below.

Around my home, I hang hearts. A house filled with love is my idea of a home whether its real love emanating out of our bodies or just plain prettiness from hand crafted love hearts.

Ive had two crafters drop out of a swap (I need two more, please) and the plan is to make 5 handmade/crafted hearts to hang in the home. You post me four with an SAE and you get 4 different hand made/crafted hearts in return.
Any colour you like, any size you like....just a fun swapsie.
Ive had Kathy's already and they are BEAUTIFUL....worth the swap alone. The deadline is two weeks from today :) or :( - depending on your timescale
First two comments on this post are in!

**Edited to add - Heather and Emma - you are IN.... yahoo **


Heather said...

Me Me Me!!

Gemma said...

Fingers and toes crossed that I'm number 2!

clare said...

arr..thats a shame im number 3..would of loved to have been in the i make hand made wooden hearts,stuffed fabric hearts(clare's rustic makes my other blog)!!
Well done girls..can't wait to see your hearts!
Hugs Clare@weekend crafter xx

Katy said...

OH poop i would have joined to :( I missed it. xx

Katy said...

Hmmmm maybe if Kirsty is not doing another one i will open one on my blog if there is more interest?

Fiona said...

Can we see them soon please?

Kirsty Wiseman said...

ill do another swap - in about a month unless you wanna do one Katy, I dont mind :)

Becky said...

i'd be interested too if anyone want s to do one of these swap things, i love getting post-especially crafty post!!

Katy said...

Il wait for you then Kirsty thats cool then we shall get a big group of 10 peeps :D xx