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7 Feb 2011

Chewing on these

Milk Duds.
Oh my, these are the best things ever.
If anyone knows a store in the UK selling these, tell me immediately.
they are my fave and my best.

Spent today catching up on 775 emails and whittling them down to 23. The screen burned holes in my retinas. They ache. Im tired.

Then, I vegged (with my super shiny legs? huh?!)

got inspired

then walked the dog

in the windiest of wind

and imprisoned the little one the staircase jail

Quite productive actually.

T minus 23 hours to my 40th. Cry Cry.


Martha Richardson said...

I get such a charge out of your posts...I always look forward to them. You mean to tell me you can't get MIlkDuds over there??? OH my...will have to send you some :) Oh yeah before I forget...would really like to know more about the markers...looking to buy some type but most are sooo darn expensive...could you let me know where I can read more about them.

Zarah said...

Love the photos and your brilliant comments - you're too funny! :D

Kate said...

Milk Duds are on Amazon if you are desparate for more!

** Kate **

Sue said...

Fab photos.

Check these out for the MilkDuds.

There are other places. Just Google it hun.

Maggie said...

being 40 is not a problem, because when asked you say 'I've just turned 40'. It's turning 41 that I hated, because then you're IN YOUR 40'S!! aaargghhh........!

Cathy G said...

This place sells them:

Life's Creative Moments said...
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Anonymous said...

Have a great birthday, see you next week. Enjoy your 40th!

Simon :)

fidgetthedaxie said...

there's a shop in Brighton called Cyber Candy and I'm sure they'll sell them! They're bound to have a web site