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25 Jan 2011


Ive been buried under a mound of invoices and receipts, totting up my tax return for the past few days plus I have had the most stinkiest headaches ever - ever. I actch think I need to go and get my eyes tested as there is no reason for them other than, perhaps, eye strain.
Ive also got a bazillion things to do this week before I fly out to Los Angeles to go and demonstrate on the Letraset stand using their amazeballs markers. I have a HUGE giveaway coming on Thurs/Fri including 3 demo videos for you to see including Aquamarkers, Promarkers and Promarkers best friend. Im sure some of you have heard of it but still - its a coming and its a coming gooooooood! Meanwhile, I am looking for artists out there who like to use promarkers on other projects OTHER than pretty little stamps. If you have a taste for Manga, croquis illustration, cartoon or watercolouring and often use Promarkers with your illustrations, please email me HERE

In the mean time, I'll leave you with this bunch of latest finds on Etsy:

Im studying fashion at the moment. Im meant to be hip and inspiring and create new modern looks. Sod that, I hate things that are normal and modern. I love the 50's and if I ever do want to take fashion design to the extreme, Id be like Valentino and Oscar de le Rente with a tad of Carolina Herrera and make 50's style clothes all day long. I do like this skirt, too

Letterpress letters are few and far between these days. I fancy this job lot

I am always drawn to the crocheted scarves on Etsy - this one is particularly lush

I want to make these - why oh why am I poopy at crocheting?

This is rather dapper, don't you think? Love me some dachshund schtuff

I am so going to make something like this for our draughty kitchen door

and thus concludes my blog post today x


Sue said...

Hope your Tax Return is all finished, or near completion at any rate.

Off to Los Angeles - what a hard life you lead:) Suppose it will be all work and no play though.

Looking forward to th demo vids and of course the giveaway:)

Fab skirt and I love the draught exclder.

Jenna Upson said...

Hi Kirsty

Very jealous of your trip to LA! I have a degree in fashion, which i am not currently using, but anyway just found this cool site
which is like a visual pinboard which is fab for inspiration. x


Fiona said...

Going to LAX? You'll bring back SO much shopping.
Love that net skirt but it would make my bum look GInormous.

Anonymous said...

hope you and your family have a great time in LA. A fab exp for your young daughter and hope she copes with the flight etc etc. Enjoy!

Highland Monkey's said...

Lots of lovely things there, wouldn't mind any of them!